[Photos] Amazingly realistic car miniatures by Malaysian artist Eddie Putera


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His Instagram account @eddieputera has been attracted nearly 250k followers and still counting.

Eddie Patera, 51, is famous for his deft hands in making all kinds of miniatures. His works are dedicated a lot to photo shoots.

To become a well-known artist at the moment, Eddie Putera has been nurturing his love for this craft since a tender age, making toys for himself that he couldn’t afford with the family’s tight budget.

As growing up as a man, he even started making fictional works alongside common things out there in real life.

He is a good time dedicator. With each work done, it takes him around a week or even longer.

Video: DIY AMAZING Miniature Art Modelling by Eddie Putera

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His Instagram account @eddieputera has been attracted nearly 250k followers and still counting. It is where he often uploads his works for other Instagram users to relish.

Check out Malaysian miniature artist Eddie Putera’s miniature car collection down below:

Eddie Putera's miniature car in the making

a Eddie Putera' miniature car and iron man

a Eddie Putera's Miniature cars on street

Eddie Putera making a rust miniature car

Eddie Putera making a miniature rusty car

Eddie Putera's miniature red car frame

Eddie Putera crafting a Miniature car

A Eddie Putera's miniature car with its hood open

Eddie Putera miniature car in a garage

Eddie Putera's miniature car in open garage

white miniature car in a garage

A miniature car on a cliff

Eddie Putera's miniature car in front of a house

Eddie Putera making miniatures

a Eddie Putera's miniature van

Broken Miniature cars in a garage

Eddie Putera is painting a wall

a miniature car of Eddie Putera under a tree

Miniature cars parking

Eddie Putera's Miniature car and miniature motorbike

motorbike getting between Miniature cars

Milky Miniature car

painting the Miniature cars

Miniature cars and motorbikes on the street

Miniature car with its door open

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