[Photos] Funniest cars ever in the world


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Our roads are full of cars, but most of them rarely catch our attention. Even when you show off your red fancy Ferrari, you still get lost in the ocean of similar sets of wheel in the end. So, do you know what really stand out of the crowd? Check out these funniest cars ever.

1. Cars of dentists

funny car with teeth

This car actually belongs to a dentist

funny car with teeth

Car of another dentist!

funny car

Perhaps this is under the ownership of a dentist's patient

2. Chubby car

a chubby car

Think about what it consumes before buying

3. Toilet car

funny car

When is the best time to... poop?

4. Shoe car

a shoe car

What a creative model!

5. Avocado car

avocado car

You may not need a license to drive this "fruit"

6. Car wearing a thong!

car with a thong

What is the driver's purpose?

7. Banana car

banana car

Avocado or banana?

8. Funny art cars

funny art car
funny art car

Here is Mater in real life

9. Double decker model

double decker car

How impressive!

10. Tiny car

a tiny car

This is the Peel Trident – the world’s smallest car

11. Car toaster

a car toaster

This car will never let you get hungry

12. Animal cars

a cat car

A car for cataholic

a piggy car

For pig lovers

a chicken car

And for chicken addicts

a lobster car

This lobster car can be found in Orlando, Florida, US

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