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Timaya house and cars are what the new definition of "heaven on earth" is.

It is quite an agony for some people that they find it hard to earn money. Conversely, there are also affluent people who feel the same to, however, spend their money. Being a big star in the music industry, Timaya must have been experiencing headaches figuring out how he should do with his money. One of the best ways he often does is welcoming home luxurious vehicles and building himself a great accommodation, which is why Timaya house and cars is always a hot potato Nigerian people search for on the internet.


Timaya house and cars are heaven on earth to many people

But first of all, let Naijauto.com tell you about the life of this famous Nigerian hip hop singer.

I. Timaya biograhy

1. Who is Timaya?

Timaya, birthname as Enitimi Alfred Odom, is a Nigerien singer as well as songwriter who founded the South South hip hop group Dem Mama Soldiers.

2. How old is Timaya?

The famous Nigerian musician was born on 15 August 1980, so at the time of this article he is being 39.

3. Early life

Timaya shared his childhood along with 14 other brothers and sisters, being the smallest of them all. They lived in a large family in Agip Estate, Port Harcourt. Like Kelechi Iheanacho, Timaya is lucky to be rasied by a trader parent who was affluent enough to nurture the dreams of her kids. The singer’s father, however, was a banker who would be proud to see his son follow his step in his career.


His childhood was shared with 14 other brothers and sisters

In the first years of education, Timaya studied at the Assemblies of God Nursery And Primary School before departing for his secondary education at Nkpolu Oroworukwo in Port Harcourt but later moved to Lagos’ Ikeja Gramma School and gained the secondary school certificate there.

The day spent at school restricted his time for music, so he often sneaked out of the house at night to join music events.

He didn’t have a long university life, majoring in Banking and Finance as his father had been always wished but dropped out of the school after a single term for poor performance.


Timaya's is one of the best African male singers

His time in Lagos for secondary education was enough for him to acquaint himself with some people with the same love for hip hop music. So he decided to make another move to Lagos and join Eedris Abdulkareem’s group as a backup vocalist for three years after parting with the Eedris to build his solo career.

II. Timaya career- the path to one of the richest musician in Nigeria

The first steps Timaya made for his solo career was to collaborate with other Nigerian artists. He also made cameo appearances. His first cameo was in an unreleased MV by UDX, a rap group based in Lagos.

The chances found him after he was caught singing an acappella version by producer Obaksolo who later helped him produced his first hit "Dem Mama".

Speaking of his debut single, Timaya shared:

“Dem Mama” was an account of the 1999 destruction of Odi, a river side community in Niger Delta. Soldiers were hunting down militants they alleged killed eight policemen. The village was burnt down and numerous people killed. I bravely tackled the issue years later and won instant street credibility for my boldness."

You might not know his hip hop group (Dem Mama Soilders) derived from his first solo single released in 2005, the song of the same name "Dem Mama" featured in his debut album True Story (2006). Following its positive reviews, Timaya went on to introduce his second album in 2008 titled Gift and Grace.


Timaya has made an endorsement deal with GLO

Those two album were just a foundation for his further success on both domestic and international markets with the third album De Rebirth gaining overseas recognition, bringing him to the top of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His next album Upgrade (2012) borne three hits that even further embedded his fame in the Nigerian music lover. They were the songs Sexy Ladies, Malonogede, and Bum Bum. For his dedication for the music industry, Timaya has garnered a Nigeria Music Award and 4 Headies Awards.

Timaya shook hands with Duncan Mighty to perform the song “I know I know dat”. The two were later both enlisted as honorees at the 4th annual Odudu Music Awards. He also used to make a collab with 2Face Idibia, one of the biggest Nigerian stars.

His reputation and influence became more and more prominent, which made him more hectic with shows. Aside from performing, he was offered many endorsement deals which would perk up his huge finance stability as well as exposure.


The deal with GLO is worth 30 million Naira

III. Timaya net worth

Timaya net worth is estimated at 8 million US dollars. That has been included his 30-million-Naira endorsement deal with GLO Nigeria in October 2016.

The large fortune he has been earning throughout the years of sweats for his decorated singing career desire is ample for any of his luxurious hobbies, including spending on Timaya house and cars.


Endorsemants perk up his income

VI. Timaya house and cars

1. Timaya house in Lekki

Having lived in a house of 15 children with their parents, Timaya must have been really longing for a relishable life of a large estate. That’s why he’s living a dream life in a ₦250m house. Timaya house in Lekki is a host of all the things one will wish for, including a swimming pool, furnished interior, and a personal studio, etc.


His house in Lekki is belived to have cost him ₦250m to build


His house has everything one could dream of


The furnished interior makes his house worth living


He includes his house scenes in lots of his Instagram posts


The house even includes his own studio


This is where one of the most successful African male musicians lives

2. Timaya cars

Like any other popular musicians we may name, Timaya is also a fan of cars and his garage reportedly has more than 6 exotic models listed down below:

  • Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

The most expensive car in his garage is a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG which was introduced in 1979 and since then, no fan of cars doesn’t wish to get one.

Timaya's-Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG


Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG (about ₦55m)

  • Bentley Continental GT

The Bentley Continental GT is produced in Bentley’s main plant, which is the chance to have everything top-notch of the company compatible in the car. To name some, they are the smart front seats with memory function, multi-zone, climate control, infotainment with high-level navigation features, and advanced steering features. The Nigerian male musician must have paid ₦72m for this model.


Silver-colored Bentley (₦72m)

  • Range Rover Sport 2013

The second-gen of the Range Rover Sport is the most advanced model produced by Land Rover in terms of technology. It is worth ₦17m.

  • Range Rover Sport 2016

The second Sport is an update to its previous version. Timaya now can drive with no need for his hands on the steering wheel. Also, the air suspension, entertainment system, and speed control system were all revamped. This 2016 model is priced at ₦19m.


Two Range Rovers (₦17m and ₦19m)

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE

The Mercedes-Benz GLE model is made to simply wow car fans including its universiality, charismatic confidence, agile handling, dynamics, and sports features, etc.  It’s priced at ₦25m.


It’s priced at ₦25m

  • Lexus SUVs - LX570 and GX460

When it comes to luxury vehicles, Lexus can’t be missed. And for his luxury garage, Timaya wouldn’t forget to put 2 Lexus cars in it. The LX570 costs him ₦18m while the other cost nearly ₦13M.


Lexus GX 460 (Nearly ₦13m)

  • Porsche 911

You know that Timaya is a real player when he possesses everyone's dream- the Porsche 911 believed to cost ₦42M


The famous singer dates with a supercar from German

Besides cars for himself, the singer loves to gift his loved ones with car presents as well. During the last Christmas, he has shown his generosity to gift his label signee a Ford Dodge Charger 2013. At the same occasion, he gifted his wife a black Range Rover. The guy really loves sharing photos of his cars on Instagram.

Video: Top 10 Cars of Timaya in 2018 (with their price in Dollar and Naira)

IV. Conclusion

You have just finished the article on Timaya house and cars, his biography, net worth and career overview. Naijauto.com hope the article is helpful to you keep discovering our daily content on the website for the latest car news.

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