[Photos] Best crashed minivan transformation ever? Check out this Toyota Sienna!


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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The Toyota Sienna looks flawless to future buyer's eyes. But can you imagine it used to look not very far from scrap metal just before being brought in repair garage?

If there is an award for a sedan’s transformation, I would give it to the 275$ salvaged Toyota Corolla that became neat and sold for N2.2m in Nigeria. How about an award for a van’s transformation? Let’s see if the Toyota Sienna we are going to show you below deserves the first prize!

Here is the before:

The front of the crashed Toyota Sienna

The front of the car has been damaged to the point there is even no glass

The side of the crashed Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna cannot close its doors

The rear of the crashed Toyota Sienna

With no number plate, the car seems to be given upon by its owner

A part of the crashed Toyota Sienna

The car looks more like scrap metal

The side view of the the crashed Toyota Sienna with a missing roof

Its top was even missing

And here is the after:

The front of the crashed Toyota Sienna after repair

Now who believes it is the same car as the above?

The angular rear of the crashed Toyota Sienna after repair

It is now just flawless to ride

The angular front of the crashed Toyota Sienna after repair

Is it the greatest transformation of a van ever?

This is not a one-off phenomenon, however. Once in a while, we come across salvaged tokunbo cars looking totally different after dealer's incredible repair work. If you are looking to buy a tokunbo car, we suggest that you equip yourself with some techniques to spot crashed cars so you won't overpay.

Here is an interesting video you might want to check out:

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