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Peugeot latest pickup has been produced in Kaduna

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on January 31, 2019

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After 14 years of quietness in the automotive scene in Nigeria, the presence of the new Peugeot pickup has made a tremendous impact on Nigerian auto industry. Read here!

We all know that Peugeot did disappear from Nigerian automobile sector for fourteen years. It was all excitement when Peugeot announced his coming back to the scene through its new pickup trucks. This new pickup has seen lots of improvement in comparison to the earlier version. This new one is more efficient, economical and robust.

Industrial expert and strong stakeholders have recently lauded the continued growth of the country’s automotive industry, which is owed to the implementation of policies of the Government by the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), which are playing a remarkable role at giving local automotive industries chance to grow within the economy, providing more jobs for Nigerians and setting a strong economic development.


The new Peugeot pickup is more effective and suited to the rough terrain in Nigeria

In a statement made by Jelani Aliyu, the Director General of NADDC, he stated that the new Peugeot pickup stable was deliberately taken through its paces to have a feel of its off road ability. He acclaimed that the federal government is adopting the diversification approach as against the nation’s heavy reliance on the crude oil. This means that more attention is now being paid to the agricultural, mining and industrial sector.

Thousands of jobs will be provided as a result in industrial growth or expansion, which might be possible under singular oil dependency. Job creation by industrial growth might either be direct or indirect through the total value chain. These he said include equipment producers, component distributors, logistic partners and service providers.

According to him, there has been an increase in local production of vehicle in the country such as Innoson, Dangote-sino truck, Nissan, Honda, Ford and several others.

Check out the new 2019 Peugeot pickup

Aliyu Jelani believes that due to the local incentive conferred on the local automotive sector has had a huge impact on the new Peugeot pickup price. It is now very affordable and at the same time effective.

The new Peugeot pickup is engineered and developed to be able to handle the high temperature, non-consistent fuel quality, challenging and rough terrain in the country. This has been possible because of the ease on the producers to transfer savings directly to the customers and end users.

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