Five petrol stations sealed by DPR, Enugu for tampering with pumps


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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It has happened again! Five petrol stations have been sealed by DPR in Enugu for manipulating their pumps to gain excessive profits. Check details here!

We hope that many of you Naijauto readers are already familiar with this common fraudulent act that some Nigerian petrol stations indulge in. If anyone of you is still ignorant of this, then take this report as a “wake up” call.

The Enugu Field office of the DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources) has effected the sealing up of five different petrol stations across Enugu State, for fraudulently adjusting their fuel pumps to under-deliver petroleum products to customers.

Mr Okechukwu Okoro, the Enugu DPR Operations Controller made this known on Tuesday 16th of July 2019 during a press interview he did after completing a routine monitoring exercise in the state.

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Please report to DPR any petrol station selling over-priced products or using manipulated pumps!

Mr Okoro explained that the monitoring exercise was done in order to ensure that petrol stations do not manipulate their fuel pumps for excessive gains to the detriment of their customers.

He stated that five different petrol stations were already caught doing this and have been dealt with by consequently having them sealed up.

Mr Okoro also took note of how gratifying it was to discover that 50 different petrol stations among the ones inspected across the state were absolutely selling their petrol product at the ₦145.00 which is the exact government-approved regulated price.

He said;

“Our findings were that all the petrol stations sold at the government regulated price but five of them adjusted their pumps to under-deliver.

“We sealed the five stations. They will pay the penalty and recalibrate their pumps before we unseal them,”

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Always pay double attention to the pumps and screen at petrol stations!

Mr Okechukwu Okoro made it clear that he was very much satisfied with the plausible level of compliance that the various petrol stations in the state had taken to, by selling at the government stipulated price.

He, however, called on the general public to support the DPR in kicking against fuel pump manipulations and over-priced product sales by reporting any petrol stations discovered to be indulging in such acts.

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