Petrol fuel sells for ₦200 per litre in Abia State as fuel scarcity hits


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New reports confirm that fuel is currently selling for ₦200 per litre instead of ₦161 in the commerce centre of Abia State due to PENGASSAN's strike action.

Aba, the popular commercial city in Abia State has been reportedly hit with fuel scarcity causing petrol to be currently selling for ₦200 per litre instead of ₦161 which is the govt regulated price. Reports claim that all motorists that had initially bought petrol for ₦161/₦162 were shocked by the sudden hike in the pump price per litre within such a short time. This unpleasant increase in petrol price is reportedly caused by unprecedented fuel scarcity that is resultant from the current strike action embarked upon by PENGASSAN workers.


Fuel Scarcity hits Aba, the commercial centre of Abia State as petrol sells for ₦200 per litre

According to other detailed press reports, the current strike action being embarked upon by senior oil workers has led to the closure of many filling stations in Aba. This is mostly due to the fact that these stations do not have any other means of getting fuel supply unless the oil workers decide to resume back to work. Similarly, the filling stations that are currently opened have to sell at exorbitant pump prices because they have very little fuel left in reserve.

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When interviewing some of the motorists affected by this sudden scarcity of in Aba, they explained that the filling stations began selling petrol for ₦170 - ₦190 per litre on Tuesday 10th of November. They claimed to have put their hopes high by believing that the fuel price would quickly drop in a few days’ time. Unfortunately, they were all disappointed by the turn out of events on Wednesday 11th of November when the petrol pump price was rather raised to ₦200 per litre and has stayed that way till now.

Below is a press video that reports more on the current fuel scarcity caused by PENGASSAN oil workers’ strike action.


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