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PSquare duo have parted ways long before, but that doesn't mean their fortune would disappear anytime soon, check out the car collection from one of the duo, Peter Okoye!

The Nigerians still have lingering memories about the famous duo PSquare, even long after they have gone their separate paths. But still, that doesn't mean they would spend their hard-earned money in a heartbeat. In fact, since both of them embark on a different career path, Peter Okoye, one of the brothers seem to show no sign of frustration. He even gets to spend his mini-fortune on many supercars, which have gathered here for your reference, check out some of the best cars in his collection!

1. Peter Okoye 2 Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover is possibly the most favorite line of Peter as he purchased not only one but two exact same models Range Rover. I can't wait to see him picking his mind which one he would drive everytime going out.


He seems to have a special interest with Land Rover Range Rover

2. Peter Okoye Dodge Challenger

This is one of the most symbolic cars in the muscular car line-ups of America. It has a rather strong and intimidating, yet elegant look that no other car possesses. If you have a deja vu when looking at this car, it's probably flashback from the famous movie "John Wick".


It's no surprise Peter would choose such a muscular car from the U.S

3. Peter Okoye Porsche 718 Cayman

Peter owns only one of this type. Speaking for myself, he just got it for the sake of buying it, not because he has a particular interest in this model. You can take a look at his whole intimidating-looking car collection and conclude by yourself.


The white Porsche with the plate that says "The best" instead of an ordinary number combination

4. Peter Okoye Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG

Following the muscular Mustang, it's no surprise when he chose another edgy car like Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG. I think its defined and clear-cut design is what intrigued  Peter the most.


Another luxury car in his collection, though he seems to like his Mustang a bit more

5. Peter Okoye Bentley Mulsanne, BMW X6, Jeep Wrangler

The list of Peter cars goes on and on. Looking at the picture below and all the ones above, I think it's safe to say that he's got the money to burn.


His backyard seems a bit occupied with many luxury cars, maybe it's time for him to get a new house?

And the latest picture leaked out from Peter's backyard is this one:


Peter accidentally shows off 3 luxury cars in his garage

As you can see in the picture, the Mustang, the GL63 AMG and a Jeep Wrangler are neatly parked behind the artist. I must say everything in this picture are adorable, ranging from Peter's daughter to his luxury car fleet.

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