5-feet pet snake rescued after getting stuck in car gear stick


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A 5ft pet snake has been rescued after getting trapped in its owner's car gear stick while they were traveling for the Christmas holidays. Read stories below!

A 5-feet snake has been rescued after getting stuck inside a car's gear stick.

The pet corn snake named Allan was traveling to Oldham for the Christmas holidays with its owner, Ellie Bond when it got out of its vivarium (container for keeping animals under semi-natural conditions).


Allan got out of its vivarium and got trapped in the car gearstick

On noticing that the snake wasn't in the enclosure, Bond and her partner, Lewis Newton, anxiously searched the car but couldn't find Allan. Bond thought her pet snake has fallen off the car and on to the highway.

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The couple began to pull out the car seats in search of the missing snake. Then Newton removed the casing around the gear stick and saw missing the snake.

25-year-old Ellie Bond, who was working in Oakwood infant school in Derby as a supply teacher said,

He is 5ft long and quite chunky so he was properly trapped, and I was worried he would hurt himself trying to get free. We tried using butter to help lubricate the area but he still couldn’t move.

It was also snowing so was very cold for him – which is also very dangerous for a snake – so I was scared he would die if we could not release him quickly as he had been there for a few hours.

To worsen the situation, the pet snake, was said to have feasted on a large meal before they hit the road. So, getting him out of the car was going to be challenging.

Naijauto learned an RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) inspector was called to the scene. After looking at the situation, rescue service and Greater Manchester firefighters were then called to help rescue the snake.


Greater Manchester firefighters were called to help rescue Allan, the pet snake


The pet snake was held in a towel to prevent the gear stick's hot temperature from harming it

The RSPCA inspector, Angela Paxton-Taylor had to hold Allan-the pet snake with a wet towel in case the gear stick was hot, so it doesn't harm the snake. The firefighters, on the other hand, cut a small piece of metal off to enable the snake to be freed.

According to Angela,

"Along with the fire crews we were able to safely release him and he appeared unharmed – a few scales were missing and he was very cold but we were able to warm him up and he is doing well.

It was awkward as there was me and five firefighters in a Citroen C1 working hard to free Allan but it worked. The fire service who worked brilliantly as a team and were determined and really considerate for the wellbeing of Alan."

Bond told local media that her pet snake is now doing fine after the ordeal.

Happy New Year, esteemed readers!

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