Peaceful armour! Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un travels to Russia in an armoured train


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Looks like it is hard to predict North Korea Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un mode of transportation on international trips- Whether by plane or train. Read more!

Over last weekend, the Supreme leader of North Korea paid a visit to Russia. The interesting thing about this visit is that he made this trip by armoured train.

Kim Jong Un recent visit to Russia came amid indications that his country is intensifying its efforts in soliciting for aids and moving towards ending its nuclear weapons program. This would be in exchange for support from other countries.

However, it looks really like armoured peace talk as the prominent stern leader, Kim Jong Un traveled in his heavily armoured train that comfortably carries his seventeen private cars including Mercedes Benz that would be used to convey him around during the trip.



Kim Jong Un has finally arrived in Russia to solicit for aid in exchange for nuclear weapon program 

We were made to understand that there is much similarity between the train used to convey the Supreme leader to that of his father and grandfather. This is definitely not the first time he will use train for his international trip and will not be his last.

It was reported that Kim had earlier used this train to travel to Beijing in China. The surprising fact here is that many people find his choice of train somehow strange since he is often seen going by air. His love for aircraft started from childhood and was well documented.

Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia to meet with Putin

Kim’s country has an ageing aircraft named IL-62M VVIP, which has been upgraded with the latest executive interior designs. He uses this plane to accommodate foreign missions.

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