Peace Mass Transit unveils 50 new buses assembled at its Enugu Plant


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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A total of 50 brand-new buses has just been launched by Peace Mass Transit as it boasts that they were all assembled at the Enugu plant. See them here!

One of Nigeria’s top mini-bus transport company, PMT (Peace Mass Transit) has recently added 50 new buses to its fleet while proudly revealing that they were all assembled here in Nigeria at its Enugu plant.


Peace Mass Transit boasts of 50 additional buses in its fleet which were all assembled at its Enugu auto plant

During the launch of these 50 new buses, Chief Samuel Maduka Onyishi, the CEO of Peace Mass Transit carried out a serious inspection on them, after which he expressed;

"The brand-new buses we are injecting cost almost ₦17 million per unit, but I have a pact with both God and our huge clientele to offer the best possible services at all, times,”

“Our customers deserve even more and no less,”

“We will never take their patronage for granted because they have brought us this far.”

“Our maintenance culture is top-notch and the team is manned by technicians and engineers some of whom were trained abroad.

"All PMT vehicle plying the highway, are regularly checked for maintenance, to avoid breakdown. All our vehicles run on strong quality tyres which are replaced upon attainment of a certain mileage."

Isn’t this an impressive development for the Nigerian industrial sector in general?

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