All 18 passengers of Peace Mass Transit bus lost their lives in Benin-Ore ghastly accident


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Not less than 18 people travelling in Peace Mass Transmit (PMT) bus died from accident along Benin-Ore road. Click here to see the pictures at the scene!

It was a very unforgettable day for eye witnesses along Benin-Ore route yesterday, 11 December, 2019 when all the 18 passengers that boarded Peace Mass Transit reportedly lost their lives in a ghastly accident along the road.


None of the passengers in the Peace Mass Transit survived the road mishap along the Benin-ore route

From what we learnt, the bus belonging to Peace Mass Transit (PMT), with the number ‘1259’ was conveying 18 people to their destination when it got involved in a road mishap, leaving no survivor.


The bus belonging to Peace Mass Transit (PMT) was wrecked beyond recognition after the tragic incident

Not much details have been provided so far on the tragic incident along Benin-Ore axis that claimed 18 lives but we will sure keep you updated as soon as these information are released to the public.

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