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Footballers are some of the biggest stars on the planet and so of course they live the lives most can only dream of. While most of the earth population wishes to own a luxury ride, football players give their own headaches thinking which exotic car to drive eachday. Check out this appalling collecction of Paul Pogba luxury cars, then you will understand!

Professional Soccer Player Paul Pogba is one player whose garage is stocked with latest luxury cars. These cars are not just random vehicles but expensive, exotic and possess the latest tech support. The star player is currently a Manchester United F.C. team player and a member of the French National team as a midfielder. The French player has won titles which include “Best player of the year,” the pretigious World Cup and many more. having a net worth of $85 million while earning £290,000 per week makes him one of the highest paid in the football history.

Let's take a look at all of Paul Pogba luxury car collection now!

1. Paul Pogba Mercedes GLS 4X4

This car is one of the best out there when it comes to safety and comfort and Pogba really made a good choice when getting it. The Mercedes GLS 4x4 does not just have a well-structured cabin made with high quality material but posseses durability too. The car has two options of different engines which are a six-cylinder diesel 350 d and the AMG 63 V8 petrol that runs from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds.

Mercedes GLS 4X4 price in Nigeria
Brand new Mercedes GLS 4x4 ₦72,426,757- ₦110,697,07
Used price of  Mercedes GLS 4x4 ₦6,000,000- ₦33,000,000


The Mercedes GLS 4X4 is a class statement for Paul 

2. Paul Pogba Lamborghini Aventador

You bet that with his weekly paycheck Paul Pogba can surely afford a Lamborghini Aventador that costs almost half a million dollars. Its 6.5L V12 engine is capable of developing 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque. It exterior is not only made up of all sporty and stylish elements but also comes with an elegant cabin. The car accommodates the latest technology that includes an infotainment system featuring navigation integrated to voice commands and Apple Car Play.

Lamborghini Aventador price in Nigeria
Brand new Lamborghini Aventador ₦72,262,000 - ₦150,901,121
Used Lamborghini Aventador ₦46,540,471 - ₦114,413,742


The Lamborghini Aventador is a technology powerhouse

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3. Paul Pogba Audi RS6 Power R

A look into the car collection of Pogba will tell you that this young man loves wheels that give him speed and power, which explains why he got the Audi RS6 Power-R. This cars reach 60 mph from zero in just about 3.7 seconds with 597bhp and 553 lb. ft. of torque. That’s why it's regarded as ‘estate car’. The engine of the car is a 4.0L twin-turbo V8. No doubt, a ride in this car gives its driver more power with its all-wheel drivetrain. Paul Pogba is not the only football star that owns this model of car, legendary Barcelona stars players Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Gerard Pique have got one too on their sleeves.

Audi RS6 Power R price in Nigeria
Brand new Audi RS6 Power R ₦36,913,539 - ₦46,141,924
Used Audi RS6 from 2003- 2016 ₦5,238,995 - ₦30,844,316


Paul also has an Audi RS6 Power R

4. Paul Pogba Rolls-Royce Wraith

We aren’t surprised to see this sort of car in Pogba’s garage because what actually matters is that he can afford a car with a base price of hundreds of millions in naira. The Rolls-Royce Wraith is among the first choice of cars any millionaire out there won't think twice about owning. What makes this car more unique than its sisters, the Rolls Royce Phantom and Cullinan, is that it has a turbocharged 6.6L V12, which sends 624bhp to the rear wheels; this is about ten percent more power than you find in the Phantom and Cullinan. The car is equipped with 590lb ft. of torque available from 1,500rpm which is capable of propelling its 2.4 tones to 60mph in 4.4 secs.

Rolls-Royce Wraith price in Nigeria
Brand new Rolls-Royce Wraith ₦150,000,000-₦205,000,000
Used Rolls-Royce Wraith 2016-2018 ₦114,000,000-₦200,000,000


The Rolls-Royce Wraith is performance plus luxury

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5. Paul Pogba Bently Flying Spur

Pogba is among those cruising around town with the Bentley Flying Spur, which is the fastest ever four-door car that Bentley produced. The Flying Spur is capable of reaching a top speed of 202 mph and covers 0-62 mph in a mere 4.2 seconds. The engine is a V8, 3997cc, twin-turbo 6-litre W12, and it is able to give out 500 bhp at 6000 rpm and 486 lb. ft of torque. This doesn’t include the luxury cabin features, the leather seats, a Wi-Fi hotspot and many more.

Bentley Flying Spur price in Nigeria
Brand new Bentley Flying Spur ₦126,675,286 - ₦198,937,286
Used Bentley Flying Spur 2010-2017 ₦43,000,000 - ₦110,000,000


The Bently Flying Spur is a 202 ml top speed speadster

6. Paul Pogba Maserati Quattroporte

With a top speed of 194 mph this car comes with a 4.2L V-8 paired to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This 4 door sedan is what you will see in Pogba’s A-list garage. When you don't catch him riding, his chauffeur will do the driving.

Maserati Quattroporte price in Nigeria
Brand new Maserati Quattroporte ₦38,905,860 - ₦49,853,553
Used Maserati Quattroporte 2012-2015 ₦15,500,000 - ₦35,000,000


The Maserati Quattroporte is a 4 cylinder sedan with rich extras

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7. Paul Pogba Ferrari 812 Superfast

We guess the star player’s garage will be incomplete without a Ferrari. One Ferrari product you will be seeing well parked in Pogba’s car den is the Ferrari 812 Superfast. The car’s name already hints about what it is made of as the car comes with an 812 Superfast boost that runs 0-62 mph in acceleration time of 2.8 seconds.

Paul Pogba Ferrari 812 price in Nigeria
Brand new Ferrari 812 Superfast ₦131,419,286 - ₦177,550,286
Used Ferrari 812 Superfast 2018 ₦117,054,160 - ₦126,792,279


The Ferrari 812 Superfast puts Paul in the Ferrari club

8. Paul Pogba Chevrolet Camaro

We called it Pogba's Camaro because it’s his 'own' car given to him by Chevrolet; basically to many Manchester United members, even the former manager Sir Alex Ferguson owns one too. Chevrolet is in a vast sponsorship deal with the Man United club which they renewed for another seven years in 2017, so it won't be hard giving the team members one of their products.

Chevrolet Camaro price in Nigeria
Brand new Chevrolet Camaro From ₦23,194,295
Used Chevrolet Camaro 2015-2018 ₦16 million- ₦20 million


How cool Pogba has his own Camaro

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9. Paul Pogba McLaren P1

We did save this car for last with a good reason; this is among the best we have listed so far. Pogba is a proud owner of the McLaren P1 that reaches 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds. Even if he is not constantly seen riding it like his other teammate, Antoine Griezmann, it is among his best collection.

McLaren P1 price in Nigeria
New recent price of McLaren P1 From ₦487,768,500
Used McLaren P1 2014 model ₦460,910,745


Paul isn't the only footballer with a McLaren P1

It must be great to have enough cash to drive what you want all the time. Wishing Pogba all the best in is career.

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