Paul Biya – Cameroon President has the safest and most luxurious presidential car in Africa


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Have you ever wondered which African president has the most secure and luxurious presidential car among all? It’s Cameroon's President. See his car's details!

If you think it is only the U.S presidents and Russian Presidents that own and use highly secured luxury presidential cars while African presidents don’t, then is telling you to read this post and rethink.

In Africa, Paul Biya – the president of Cameroon happens to have the safest and most luxurious presidential car currently as of the time of writing this post.

Overview of Paul Biya's presidential car

During a Cameroon’s national day on the 20th of May, 2018, this presidential stretched limousine car was first unveiled. This Cameroon’s presidential limousine was customized and tuned by Klassen – a German luxury tuner.

The limousine is based on an SUV called Range Rover Autobiography and the vehicle is so uniquely safe as it comes with the highest possible levels of bullet and bomb protection which are level 7 and level 9.


Mr. Paul Biya travelling in his car in a national ceremony

This Cameroon president’s tank-like limousine is fitted with a plate number that has read “PRC”. The vehicle also possesses many other impressive features such as; a panoramic roof (can open like cabriolet cars), Kevlar tires (puncture and bulletproof), armored glass, raised-roof, and stretched rear doors.

The interior of this Cameroon presidential stretched limousine is also equipped with ambient LED lighting, Quality sound system (Bang & Olufsen), DVD/CD/Wi-Fi/PC compatible iMac multimedia center technology, and luxury partitioned walls.

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A sneak peek into the interior of the highly secured and luxurious Cameroon president’s limousine

It becomes even more interesting to know that with all the beautiful and technologically standard interior, the limousine still stands to be a military-grade SUV which can withstand blasts from even a DM51 grenade explosion as well as piercing from any incendiary bullet.

We cannot but also add that Paul Biya is now 86 years old and has been serving the country since 6th of November, 1982 as the President of Cameroon till date. It is no wonder why he needs such a heavily armored presidential car to commute in because we can imagine how many opponents, he must have gathered over the years for been the president that long.

How much is Paul Biya's presidential car?

Till now, there hasn’t been anyone that has publicly come out with a figure for the actual amount the Cameroonian president must have paid for the impressive luxury armored “tank-on-wheels” vehicle. Even though we do not know and cannot categorically tell the precise cost on the severely armored and customized Cameroon Presidential limousine either, we can point out some facts relating to it.

First, most automobile experts and enthusiasts would know and agree with us that customizations from the German luxury tuner Klassen is one of such that doesn’t come very cheap. Just recently in 2018, Klassen revealed that they are ready to tune or transform the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV that currently worth about $325,000 (₦118million) to something much more. They claim that they will tune it to become an even more luxurious and armored limousine.

But, guess what? Klassen is charging a whopping $2.08 million (₦755 million) for the job Lol. If you do the math, you will realize that Klassen is literally charging 6.4 times the starting price of the SUV to just tune or customize it into an armored limousine.

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A front to back interior view of the luxurious Cameroon president’s limo

So, you can imagine how much it must have cost Paul Biya (Cameroon President) to have his own private presidential car tuned to such a military grade exterior with the high-class interior all in one vehicle. It must have cost him millions of dollars which will be billions in Naira. And this makes it easy to picture that his extremely armored and luxurious limousine must be also worth billions in Naira.

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