See this video of a Pastor holding church service for members seated in their cars amidst COVID-19 outbreak


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A dedicated pastor found a clever way to obey social distancing rule while still holding church service amidst COVID-19 outbreak. See the video here!

It is a common belief that humans become more creative during hard times. This is proven by the story of one dedicated pastor whose video has recently gone viral online. He found an interesting way of obeying the new social distance rule while still holding his normal church service.


The dedicated pastor found a clever way to maintain social distancing while still holding his usual church service

Since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, most government heads all over the world have placed a ban on all forms of social gathering involving more than two to twenty-five people just to curb the spread of the virus. This has led to the total lockdown of many religious worship centers but the pastor in the viral video, interestingly, kept his own church service going in a big parking lot with members seated in their cars. Isn’t that just clever?

Watch the viral video below:

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As seen in the above video; the pastor is standing at a distance of over 1-meter from all the cars of the church members as he keeps preaching to them via a microphone connected to a loudspeaker. The church members seated in their respective luxury cars also replied to the pastor with the horns of their cars unanimously upon request by the pastor 😊. When the pastor prays, the members reply by pressing the car horns as a symbol of responding “Amen”.

One hilarious line that cracked Nigerians up from the pastor in the video was when he said;

"You know it's crazy, we have a drive-in church, y'all can wear what you want but some of you still showed up late, but that's okay we love you,"

So, this means despite members having the luxury to attend service while seated in their cars, some members still came very late as usual.

Coronavirus is Real!

Social distancing helps curb the spread of the deadly virus. #Stay Home, #Stay Safe!

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