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Amongst the list of celebrity pastors in Nigeria, there are some who drive the best state of the art cars! Here is a sneak peek of Pastor Chris Okotie cars, mansion and lifestyle

Popularly known for his use of gigantic vocabulary when preaching, Pastor Chris Okotie is a man of style. He is the general overseer of the Household of God church.

A lot of people love to hate him because he doesn't conform with the conventional expectations people have of a man of God, but millennial churchgoers enjoy reading and following in his footsteps as he makes Christianity seem like so much fun. He's known for also telling his members, "if you can hear me say uh huh, uh huh", that has been used a lot in comedy skits around the country. That said, Naijauto has decided to delve a little deep into his lifestyle, so you can have a sneak peek into Pastor Chris Okotie cars and house.

1. Pastor Chris Okotie cars and house

Pop musicians are known for always flaunting their priced possessions and Pastor Chris, once a pop musician, isn't left out. It is estimated that his garage is home to cars worth almost 500 million naira.


Pastor Chris Okotie and his Rolls Royce

Some of these cars include a 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom which he bought to celebrate his 27th year as a pastor. The car is worth about 80 million naira. He also has a BMW X series, a Mercedes Benz 4matic and the latest model of Range Rover Sport. There are no records of him owning a private jet but it is believed that his wealthy church members always endeavor to pay for or make jets available for him when he has to make a trip.


Chris Okotie garage and mansion (Photo source:


The latest car of Pastor Chris Okotie is a Range Rover limousine

He has pricey mansions in Nigeria and the United States where he goes on holidays often. There are events usually held in the church every year where awards, cash prices, cars and other valuables are given to members to celebrate their contribution to the church or simply to appreciate them. Some of the cars given or won are also believed to be his. He also buys cars for his loyal workers and pastors.


The luxury birthday party of Pastor Chris Okotie at his house

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2. Pastor Chris Okotie's personal life

Since the Household of God church started becoming popular in the 90s, people have been keen on finding out more about the head pastor of the church. Good enough, he's a man with a flamboyant lifestyle, which makes it easy for followers and even critics to analyse.

Before going into the church leadership, Pastor Chris Okotie was once a musician who has won awards with his smash hit "I need someone". The album with the song (also of the same title) brought him to limelight. Hence, when he repented and went into preaching, a lot of fans were in shock.


Pastor Chris Okotie and ex-wife Tina Okotie

He is also so good with his music that his church is one of the few churches in the world without a choir. He writes and produces songs for the church and the congregation is considered choir. Pastor Okotie has also written books that sold out, including 'the last outcast'.  

It's worthy to note that Pastor Okotie is a native of Ethiope east local government, Abraka community to be precise, in Delta state. He was born into the family of the Okoties on 16th June, 1959. He attended the famous University of Nigeria and graduated with a degree in law. He gave his life to Christ in the 1980s and founded his church in 1987 in Oregun Lagos state. The church auditorium has a capacity to contain over 2,000 people. Many of the attendees range from politicians to celebrities and people of class.

In 2001, Pastor Okotie shocked a lot of his members and followers when he divorced his wife, Tina Okotie, after almost two decades of marriage. Many people said it was because she wasn't able to bear him a child, while others believe she was tired of his rumoured infidelity. However, Pastor Chris always still referenced her years later when he's preaching, with so much emotion.


Former Miss Nigeria Ure Okezie left his church when Pastor Okotie remarried

About 7 years later, the head pastor announced he was getting married again. The position of a "Mrs Okotie" was one many single ladies of the society longed for. In August 2008, Pastor Okotie got married to Stephanie Henshaw, who had been divorced twice and had 3 children from her previous marriage. It led to many ladies like Ure Okezie, a former miss Nigeria and others leaving the church. Popular Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo also left. Four years later, the marriage hit the rocks and the "Mrs Okotie" position has been vacant ever since.

Pastor Chris is also known for his presidential ambitions as he formed a political party in the late 90s - Fresh party - and has always contested for the presidency ever since.

That said, we'll keep you updated on any new Pastor Chris Okotie cars we come across. If you would stay tuned, say uh huh, uh huh!

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