Passenger and driver fight, bus crashes through the bridge guardrail into the river, all 15 occupants die


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13 dead bodies have been recovered while 2 others are still missing in the bus accident.

Life and death are sometimes a thin border to cross. Just a wink can cost the life of a person. This is especially true on the roads. Just a while of neglect results in the vehicle losing its control and follows a disaster.

Chinese driver caught on tape

This is some last minutes of 15 lives in the bus

Watch the video down below which records a heart-wrenching scene inside a bus. A female passenger approaches the driver and has some words towards him. She asked him to stop but it’s a common law that once you ride in a commercial vehicle, you can only get off at its stops. Consequently, the passenger blew her composure, hitting her phone at the driver’s head. His reaction to retort with a fight back, losing his control over the bus and crash through the bridge guardrail, and dropping into the river.

Retrieving the bus from the river

13 dead bodies have been recovered while 2 others are still missing

Chinese Chongqing city police confirmed all 15 occupants had died in the Sunday accident. 13 have been recovered while the other two are still in the search.

Watch: Fight between driver and passenger caused deadly crash in China

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