Part of Spar Calabar Collapses, destroying several cars in the process


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The misconstruction is blamed for the collapse as inappropriate airflows cause too much pressure on the billboards.

An unfortunate incident occurred last Thursday the 2nd of April. When I saw the pictures and videos, I initially thought it could be just one of those April Fool pranks. But this was April 2nd, it can't be April Fool na. Anyways, a part of the Spar Calabar Mall completely collapsed destroying as much as 13 cars in the process. From my close observation, it was clearly obvious that what gave way was the steel Flanges used in holding up advertisement boards. As you would expect, social media went mad with insinuations that the whole Spar Calabar Mall collapsed or at least that some part of the main building collapsed. Anyways, now you know the true story, only the steel flanges holding up the advertisement Boards collapsed. 


The advertisement Billboards before the collapse




The Steel Flange carrying the Billboards is actually what collapsed

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Lack of air window on the Billboards fingered as a possible cause of the collapse

A spokesperson for the mall manager Mrs. Egbunu Kemi reported that the collapse was due to strong wind. However, a closer look suggests that a possible design error may have contributed to the failure. However, an anonymous source within Isthmus Engineering Limited, the Nigerian firm which constructed the Mall, brought forward a bit more information on the possible cause of the failure. The lack of air windows or holes on the billboards were fingered as the underlying cause of the failure. The air windows or holes usually allow wind to pass through the billboards, thus reducing the stress of the wind pressure on the billboard. But these windows were reportedly missing from the billboards. 

Video: About 13 cars damaged

However, an inside source who also asked to be anonymous, made it clear that the management of the mall will bear all the repair cost for the 13 damaged cars which could be seen parked away safely from the collapse scene. This incident, though, has not stopped the Mall from doing business, as customers are seen entering and leaving the mall. Calabar Mall which began operation in July of 2016 has been one of the hottest fun and relaxation spots in Calabar with hundreds trooping to the mall on a daily basis for business and pleasure as is seen in the video below:

Spar Calabar Shopping Mall Customers still having fun

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