Paris Hilton’s former Lexus LFA to be sold for ₦180.4 million


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A Lexus LFA belonging to Hollywood star Paris Hilton is on the market for ₦180.4 million. The car has an odometer reading of 3,930 miles.

Paris Hilton may no longer be in our faces like she used to be, but she is still one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Everything about the reality TV star and billionaire heiress is a big deal. When a car put up for sale on the market has a track record of being first owned by Hilton, it commands more than a first look. It gets even more interesting when the car in question is a Lexus LFA. Now you are interested in knowing more about the car, aren’t you?


The Lexus LFA has an odometer reading of 3,930 miles

The car is currently up for sale in Cleveland – far away from Hilton’s home in Los Angeles. And the asking price is pegged at $495,900 (₦180.4 million). For one who has always had many cars at her disposal, it is understandable that Hilton did not drive the LFA regularly. This is evident in the car’s odometer reading of 3,930 miles i.e 6,325 kilometers. The car’s exterior wears a pearl white painting and the interior showcases a mix of blue and white leather made of carbon fiber. It can easily pass for a brand-new car as it has not been overused.

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There is a story behind Hilton’s acquisition of the LFA. On her 30th birthday in 2011, her boyfriend at the time gifted her a brand-new yellow LFA. Not too long after, she and her boyfriend parted ways. As much as she liked the car, she knew it had an attachment to her former boyfriend. So, she decided to swap it for this one. In 2014, the superstar decided to sell the car off.


The interior is designed with leather made of carbon fiber

Perhaps you are thinking of buying the car, it boasts of a V10 engine of 4.8 liters and produces a horsepower of 553.

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