Paris might debut autonomous flying taxis to serve 2024 Olympics guests


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Airbus Autonomous Electric flying taxis might be the most efficient transportation means available at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Check details of this exciting news below!

Just when you think you have seen all, Naijauto comes out with a newer cutting-edge technology report from the automotive world that will always “WOW” you.

In our previous article on Paris considering flying cars for public transport network, we have discussed the possibility of France's capital putting flying cars into practice for daily transport. Today, the scenario is more specific and, in our opinion, more feasible.

With the well-known “hectic” nature of traffic in Paris, anyone could already guess that conventional transportation will be a serious nightmare for guests attending the Paris 2024 Olympics event. But the world should be prepared for a “twist” in the story as technology might already have the answer to this predicted possible problem with the possible birth of the autonomous electric flying taxis.


Airbus Autonomous Electric flying taxis might be the most efficient transportation means at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris Transport Authority, Aeroports de Paris, and Airbus are together exploring the possibility of adopting self-driving “Flying taxis” for transporting visitors from the Airport (Charles de Gaulle) into the main city areas. This technology can really save people’s time by helping to bypass the roughly “One-hour” time the same journey usually takes if one uses a train or bus.

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The innovative idea may be the key to solve Paris traffic problems

Many challenges will have to be faced with these flying taxis as they must be able to have enough battery power for the rides and also be safe enough for the visitors. But the team is putting much effort and promising that within just 18 months, the technology should be ready.

If all goes well as planned, the world might begin to change its perspective as regards autonomous electric flying taxis generally.

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