P-Square net worth, houses and cars: Step into the true heaven on Earth with 19+ photos


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This article on P-Square net worth, houses and cars will show you heaven on Earth is not a fairy tale. Click to see 19+ dazzling photos!

Okoye brothers- Members of P-Square

P-Square called their first house SquareVille

1. Who is P-Square that all people admire?

P-Square is not one specific musician but is among the most popular musical groups in Nigeria ever. The duo performed R&B/hip-hop music and was formed in 2003 by twins of the Okoye family. They reinvented not just hip-hop music in Nigeria, but the entire music entertainment sector. P-Square bestrode the African music stage as kings of lyrics, music, and stage performance. Needless to say, their success bring them great fortune that arouses the curiousity of ordinary people. Let's join Naijauto.com and explore P-Square net worth, cars and houses!

2. P Square net worth - one of the richest musicians in Nigeria

The fame they’ve got happily flows along with money running into their pockets. P-Square's net worth of $10m or ₦3.6 billion make them one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. Money allows them to showcase their concerns for fellow humans through philanthropic activities. These they manage despite hectic work schedules. High doses of entertainment engagements and charity work might drain some, but as for this charming trio, they are also experts at enjoying life with exotic cars to drive around at leisure and mansions in Banana Island, Lagos, to rest in. Both of those two expensive properties will be unraveled.

3. P-Square house in Lekki: a majestic mansion in Nigeria

Everyone knows Lagos Island is home to the accommodations of rich Nigerian celebrities. With their money, P-Square surely can afford one of the dream mansions in the state. From a shared house in Omole estate in Ikeja, Lagos, the twins moved to a triple-story mansion on the Island. Their shared mansion which reportedly costs 1.5 billion is located on Banana Island. The mansion is simply a heaven on earth with 3 floors that consists of six en-suite bedrooms, a huge bathroom, and a master suite. Of course, the living rooms are decorated with the best gadgets and expensive sculptures, and a large TV screen for the whole family to enjoy together. It also includes a washroom, a gym, movie room, music studio, and etc.

Before the duo split up in 2017, they had had their extended family live together.

The interior of the P-Square mansion in Banana Island, Lagos

The design is so wonderful that it makes me wonder if I could build a good house like this

inside P-Square's mansion on Banana island

The 1.5b mansion looks like a heaven on earth

Peter Square posing in his Mansion

White dominates the interior design

a large TV screen in P-Square's mansion on Banana island, Lagos

A large TV screen is perfect for the extended family

Peter Square looking down the stairs

Peter enjoying the look of their mansion

This is how P-Square's mansion looks inside

Everyone dreams of P-Square mansion

4. P-Square cars

In 2015, the Nigerian group was given a pair of high-end SUVs by Globacom for being great GLO ambassadors. Peter got a G-Wagon 2015 model, while Paul received a 2015 Range Rover.  Both cars reportedly cost Glo about ₦37 million at the time.


Two SUVs were handed over to the Okoye brothers after a tour

Paul Square receives the Range Rover key from GLO

GLO is one of the fastest Internet providers in Nigeria

Apart from the Globacom largess, of course, both Okoyes had a fleet of beautiful cars to their names. See some below:

4.1. Peter Okoye "Mr P" Psquare and his garage full of exotic cars

Peter and his car

The older brother seems to love the color black

Peter Square and another man

His garage is a show-off stage of exotic cars

Peter poses with his car

He even got 2 Range Rovers for himself

Peter Square house

The garage never feels less crowded

Peter Square house and garage

Peter loves sharing his garage with his Instagram fans

Peter Square getting out of his car

His red outfit stands out of the black SUV

Peter square and 2 other people

Peter loves friends to come to contemplate his exotic car collection

Peter Square beside his Mustang

Again, his Mustang must be black

Peter Square type on his phone

One of the rare cars he allows to have grey paint

Peter Square's Range Rover gift to his wife

This Blue Range Rover is a surprise gift to his wife

Peter Square posing beside his Mustang

The vintage look of the Mustang

Peter Square and his son

Red must be his second best color

Peter Square going around his garage

How could he make good use of all these majestic cars?

Peter Square posing for a picture

A mix of red and white in his outfit is great, isn't it?

Peter Square inside a Bentley

Of course, a Bentley is in his garage

Peter Square getting out of a car

Peter, are you sad?

Peter Square in his garage

If that were me, I would spend the whole day picking a car to go

Peter Square dancing around his Mercedes

His favorite hobby is parking his car in front of the house and making a dance video for fun

Peter showing his house and garage full of cars

So he's not only showing off his cars but also his dancing skills

4.2. Paul Okoye "Rudeboy" Psquare is a true car freak

Paul Square wearing Celtic Basketball jersey

He is a fan of Celtics basketball club

Paul Square getting inside his white Jeep

This is surely his favorite model

Paul Square and his son in beside vehicles

Like father like son!

Paul Square typing on phone

Only Paul Square dares to conquer this white beast

Paul Square driving in his convertible

He even spreads his love for white to his son

Paul Square laughing beside his white jeep

Do you know Paul is a big fan of Chelsea football club? And maybe the blue of the Chelsea Jersey is his love as well

Paul Square, a member of P-Square group

His garage is certainly of more color than brother Peter

Paul Square in front of his Mercedes-Benz

Posing with an exotic Mercedes

Paul Square and his Mercedes-Benz

The same Mercedes-Benz of Paul

Paul Square posing in front of his Range Rover

A Range Rover cannot be missed in a luxury garage

A black car of Paul Square

His friends definitely love visiting this guy's garage

Paul Square in Red outfit

Paul is surely also a posing professional

Paul Square on the beach

He could go anywhere in this red Jeep

Paul Square and his son in front of the Rolls-Royce

You see it right, a Rolls-Royce

Paul Square and his grey car

A grey BWM, one of the most luxury brands on earth

5. Conclusion

So we just led you through the lavish lifestyles of the most recognizable music group in Nigeria, including showing you the mesmerizing world of P Square net worth, houses and cars. Although the twins have broken up to go their separate routes in music, millions of fans long for the day they will hear that the dynamic duo is back together. Of course, you are sure to hear it first right here on naijauto.com.

We hope this article helps you to learn more about an important part of the Nigerian entertainment industry. Make sure to stay tuned with us for the latest car news in Nigeria as well as worldwide!

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