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[P-Square house and cars] Step into the true heaven on Earth with 19+ photos


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This article on P-Square house and cars will show you the heaven on Earth is real.

1. Who is P-Square that people all admire?

P-Square is not a specific musician but most popular musical group in Nigeria, performing R&B/hip-hop music. The group was formed in 2003 by twins of the Okoye family. Older brother Peter and the younger Paul were born in 1981 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria by the same mother.

Peter and Paul share an older brother named Jude Engees Okoye who as well go along in their career of performing arts as their music producer. The duo and their “big brother” has formed a perfect match making a deep-rooted name in the Nigerian music and always ready to reach out to the world’s music, which people often describe as African-American music.

Okoye brothers- Members of P-Square

P-Square call their house Square Ville

People argue the reason behind the success of P-Square in the music industry not only from their know-each-other-inside-out relationship but also, more importantly, their vision, the group always extend their view, looking for something farther ahead, predicting the twirl of the musical world, which helps them produce song that never gets old and intertwines with many souls from many generations.

The Controversy

Music fans agree that the taste P-Square deliver through their music is pulling Nigeria closer to American styles of music. Along with collaborations with big name inside the Nigerian borders, the group has connected themselves with many celebrities in the biggest music industry in the world, starting with a record contract with Akon’s label, Konvict Muzik back in December 2011. The most remarkable collaborations with American singers so far must be the one with Akon, and Sean Paul. The other one was made between P-Square and Giuwine.

Paul and Peter of P-Square

P-Square is the popular music group formed by Peter Square and Paul Square

Some sources of information reveal from their early ages, Okoye brothers have been influenced by American music. They favored songs by Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, and MC Hammer and picked them for their performances in their drama and school music club. In fact, the duo once admitted their idol and source of inspirations are Michael Jackson.

The love for American music helps them breathe the American air into their own products. However, this also brought them to troubles, convicting them of sampling American songs, especially the top hits.  Problems find them not only in their melodies but only in the lyrics. The list of the suspected songs consists of “Danger” which using a frog bass baseline and cutting synths like a song by rap legend Eminem, ”Game Over”, “Get Squared”, and more.

Paul, Peter and their childran

Besides their success in the music industry, they have happy families

Another controversy happened right beyond the attendance of their audience. The duo refused to perform and threw their mics on the ground at the middle of the performance, storming out of the stage in the disagreement of the organizers’ attitude putting more priority on the foreign artists other than their home singers, reasoning to the fans: "We are leaving; they don’t want 2face to come on stage".

And, this controversial incident was caused the younger brother Paul. He was called his name for a paternity scandal. The lady named Elshamah Igbani convicted him of impregnating her. Paul denied her words and did a paternity test to prove his innocence.

P-Square Music Group

Just like all other people in the musical industry, P-Square had some scandals in their career

The fifth richest musician in Nigeria according to Forbes 2018

The fame they’ve got go in accordance with flows of money getting into their pocket. That allows them to showcase their concerns for human activities which they are hectic with beside their busy work schedules. High loads of works and charity might drain those charming trio but they are also experts in enjoying life with exotic cars to drive around at leisure and a private mansion in Banana Island, Lagos, a majestic place to rest. Both those two expensive kinds of things will be unraveled here on Naijauto.com. Check out our P-Square house and cars down below!

2. P-Square cars

On 8 October 2019, the Nigerian group was gifted Range Rovers from Globacom for being GLO ambassadors in the #DanceWithPeter TV Radio entertainment programme campaign.

Paul Square receives the Range Rover key from GLO

Two Range Rovers were handed over to the Okoye brothers

GLO gives Paul Square the key of the Range Rover

GLO is one of the fastest Internet providers in Nigeria

Mass media started to show more information of a heated relationship of the Okoye brothers in 25 September 2017, stating the two’s different opinions on their album caused a break-up for not finding the same voice. For their split, Naijauto.com would excuse to separate this part of the article into two.

P Square cars: Peter Okoye and his garage full of exotic cars

Peter and his car

The older brother seems to love the color black

Peter Square and another man

His garage is a show-off stage of exotic cars

Peter poses with his car

He even got 2 Range Rovers for himself

Peter Square house

The garage never feels less crowded

Peter Square house and garage

Peter loves sharing his gargage to his Instagram fan

Peter Square getting out of his car

His red outfit stands out of the black SUV

Peter Square in Orange outfit

Until now, you kind of know what color is his favorite, right?

Peter square and 2 other people

Peter loves friends to come to contemplate his exotic car collection

Peter Square laughing

He is also a posing professional

Peter Square doing a Advertisement shot

Peter Square is still very busy with advertisment after P-Square disbanded

Peter Square beside his Mustang

Again, his Mustang must be black

Peter Square type on his phone

One of the rare cars he allows to have grey paint

Peter Square's Range Rover gift to his wife

This Blue Range Rover is a surprise gift to his wife

Peter Square posing beside his Mustang

The vintage look of the Mustang

Peter Square and his son

Red must be his second best color

Peter Square going around his garage

How could he make good use of all these majestic cars?

Peter Square posing for a picture

A mix of red and white in his outfit is great, isn't it?

Peter Square inside a Bentley

Of course, a Bentley is in his garage

Peter Square getting out of a car

Peter, are you sad?

Peter Square in his garage

If that were me, I spent the whole day picking a car to go

Peter Square dancing around his Mercedes

His favorite hobby is parking his car in front of the house and making dancing video for fun

Peter showing his house and garage full of cars

So he's not only showing off his cars but also his dancing skills

P Square cars: Paul Okoye/ Rudeboypsquare is a true car freak

Paul Square posing with his car

While his brother Peter loves black, Paul seems more in favour of color white, scroll down to see proofs

Paul Square in black and white photo

Sometimes he likes vintage look photos just like his brother

Paul Square wearing Celtic Basketball jersey

He is a fan of Celtics bastketball club

Paul Square smiles to pause beside his car

The combination of black and white

Children stand in front of Paul Square's Range Rover

Who are so lucky enough to have those cuties!?

Paul Square Posing in white

Here we go, discover the tremenduous love for white of Paul Square

Paul Square getting inside his white Jeep

This is surely his favorite model

Paul Square and his son in beside vehicles

Like father like son!

Paul Square typing on phone

Only Paul Square dares to conquer this white beast

Paul smiling inside his car

He always enjoys white

Paul Square driving in his convertible

He even spreads his love for white to his son

Paul Square laughing beside his white jeep

Do you know Paul is a big fan of Chelsea footbal club? And maybe the blue of the Chelsea Jersey is his love as well

Paul Square and his son posing beside the white jeep

Son, ready to love white?

Paul opening his Jeep

Paul in Nigeria National footbal team jersey

Paul and his son shaking hands

And this time he's showing his son to love grey and black

Paul Square, a member of P-Square group

His garage is certainly of more color than brother Peter

Paul Square holding an orange ball

A true fan of football, he is

Paul Square riding a bike

He knows health is everything

RudeBoy's vehicle

After P-Square disbanded, Paul has been still diligently devoted to the music industry

Paul Square in front of his Mercedes-Benz

Posing with an exotic Mercedes

Paul Square and his Mercedes-Benz

The same Mercedes-Benz of Paul

Paul Square posing in front of his Range Rover

A Range Rover cannot be missed in a luxury garage

A black car of Paul Square

His friends definitely love visiting this guy's garage

Paul Square in Red outfit

Paul is surely also a posing professional

Paul Square's new house

Seems red is also his love

Paul Square Showing his son how to pose

His son must be proud

Paul Square on the beach

He could go anywhere in this red Jeep

Paul Square and his son in front of the Rolls-Royce

You see it right, a Rolls-Royce

Paul Square leaning on a grey car

A grey SUV

Paul Square and his friend

Great cars need great accompanies

Paul square in a black drop-top

The heat of Nigeria is well handled by with a drop-top, right?

Paul Square and his grey car

A grey BWM, one of the most luxury brands on earth

3. P-Square house in Lekki: a majestic mansion in Nigeria

Everyone knows Lekki is home to accommodations of rich Nigerian celebrities. With their money, P-Square surely can afford one of the dream mansion in the state, their shared mansion which reportedly costs N1.5 billion is located on Banana Island. The mansion is simply a heaven on earth with 3 floors that consists of six en-suite bedrooms, a huge bathroom, and a master suite. Of course, the living rooms are decorated with the best gadgets and expensive sculptures such as all chairs, tables, and a large TV screen for the whole family to enjoy together. It also includes a washroom, a gym, movie room, music studio, and etc.

Before the duo split up in 2017, they had had their extended family live together.

The interior of the P-Square mansion in Banana Island, Lagos

The design is so wonderful that makes me wonder if the design craft only could build me a good house

inside P-Square's mansion on Banana island

The N1.5b mansion looks like a heaven on earth

Peter Square posing in his Mansion

White dominates the interior design

a large TV screen in P-Square's mansion on Banana island, Lagos

A large TV screen is perfect for the extended family

Peter Square looking down the stairs

Peter enjoying the the look of their mansion

This is how P-Square's mansion looks inside

Everyone dreams of P-Square mansion

4. Conclusion

So Naijauto.com just led you through the lavish lifestyle of the most recognizable music group in Nigeria, including the most sought-after story of P Square house and cars. Although the team has disbanded to take their own route in their musical career, we, the proud Nigerian, couldn’t deny their dedication and express our wishes that one day these two marvels will converge again and provide us more wonders in the Nigerian music.

We hope this article helps you to learn more about a wonderful piece in Nigerian entertainment industry. Make sure to stay tuned with us for latest car news in Nigeria as well as worldwide!

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