Oyo State Executive council approves construction of 4 ultra-modern bus terminals in Ibadan


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Four ultra-modern bus terminals have now been approved to be constructed in strategic locations in Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

Fresh reports reaching us claim that Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state will soon get 4 ultra-modern bus terminals following the recent approval of the contract by the state’s executive council. The reports state that these bus terminals will be located precisely at Ojoo, New Ife Road, Challenge, and Iwo road in the city of Ibadan.


Oyo state executive council has approved the award for construction of 4 ultra-modern bus terminals in Ibadan

Just as one will hear of popular bus terminals belonging to private operators like Peace Mass transit and God is Good Motors for online booking in Lagos state, the government of Oyo state is about to “wow” Ibadan residents with 4 ultra-modern bus terminals soon.

When announcing the approval of this new ultra-modern bus terminal project, Prof Raphel Afonja – the Oyo state Commissioner for Public Works, infrastructure & transport stated that provisions will be made to allocate new shops for everyone whose shop will be affected during the construction project. He noted that the government is clearly aware of how demolitions at the respective construction sites will affect some shop owners when the project begins. This is why the commissioner explained that the government will compensate all the affected shop owners by considering them for new shop allocations on completion of these bus terminals.

It was also stated in the reports that these proposed ultra-modern bus terminals would incorporate galleries, Café, Shops, Restaurants, ATM, and more. The new terminals are also expected to help address some common security and transportation issues currently being faced in the city of Ibadan. Similarly, the government of Oyo state has also upgraded the state’s fire department to become an agency on its own. This upgrade is aimed at putting the department on the best level where it can serve Oyo state better in the fight to prevent and also contain any fire incidents that might arise in the future.

In case you don't know; Oshodi in Lagos state has a world-class bus terminal that is one of the biggest in the state. Check it out in the video below;

You won’t believe this is Oshodi: The Biggest Bus Terminal in Lagos Nigeria.

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