Oyo govt issues 2 weeks ultimatum to commercial transport operators to use state colors


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A 14 days ultimatum has been given to commercial transport operators in Oyo State, to paint their vehicles with the stipulated commercial colours or risk arrest

The Oyo State Government has issued a two weeks ultimatum to commercial cars, tricycles and motorcycle operators to paint their vehicles/rides to the state's commercial colours or risk arrest.

The warning was given by Mogaji Akin Fagbemi, the State Chairman, Oyo State Transport and Road Management Authority (OYTRMA) during a meet up with strategic partners in the commercial transport sector in his office at Agodi.


The uniformity in colour of all Oyo commercial transport operators will help for easier identification 

The OYTRMA leader pointed out that the law that clearly stated the commercial colours to be used by transporters have been existing for quite some time. He added that the same law also empowered his agency to enforce the law.

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As reported by Naijauto, the colours for all commercial transport operators in the state includes brown and yellow. Fagbemi said asides identification purposes, usage of the colours will help to deal with the insecurity in Oyo State.

He said,

I want to bring to our notice that there is a part of law in the state, which we have not been following and it is important to enforce it, considering the security situations and outcries of our people. We have observed that we have seen a lot of Micra now that are not painted in commercial colours of the state. We have seen some tricycles that are not painted in commercial colours of the state.

We have also noticed we cannot differentiate between okada that is being used for commercial and the one that is being used for private. We cannot even differentiate the ones being used for robbery and kidnapping.

But the law, which is not new, stipulates that all okada, from now on and I am giving them two weeks. They must be painted in commercial colours of Oyo State. If your okada and tricycles are commercial, they must be painted in the commercial colours of the state. It will go a long way in the area of identification. 

All commercial operators are called to support the Oyo State Government's policies while adhering to the transport and road management laws.

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