How much should these ridiculously overloading cars be fined?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Does Nigerian traffic law allow for commercial drivers to drive around trucks loaded to this extent on Nigerian roads? Read the gist here with photos!

Naijauto has put out many articles spelling out how overloadingdamages various components of a vehicle but it seems Nigerian commercial drivers are just too accustomed to the act.

Many drivers in Nigeria are not even aware that it is illegal to load a vehicle beyond the permitted limit and be driving such a ridiculously overloading car around on Nigerian roads.


Overloaded heavy duty vehicles may have to pay up to N10m fine

If you are ever found guilty of such act, the fines may be easy to offset, so is this why some drivers risk this? Look at a couple below;

  • A ₦5,000 penalty is charged when a driver is caught driving an overloaded vehicle on a Nigerian federal road.
  • If caught on a road in Lagos State, the penalty is a ₦2,000 fine.


Is this really a thing that happens? Unfortunately, yes

Not so much money, isn’t it? So how much should these car owners be fined to stop this dangerous action?

Actually, if you consider the stress and other hidden/unofficial charges that Nigerian traffic officers will collect from you then, you might want to stay away from such an act. However, traffic officers can't present at all corners to fine these drivers. It's best if you can educate yourself and others about this!


Can't believe how they can pack this load!

>>> Not all fines are small. Look at this list of offences and fines: Traffic offences and fines in Nigeria by FRSC

Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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