These photos of overloaded vehicles in Nigeria will leave you in shock


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Despite the fact that vehicle overloading is against Nigerian traffic laws, you will be shocked to see these photos of what some transporters did.

Normally, one would think that having a valid drivers’ license is supposed to mean that motorists and transporters in Nigeria understand all the traffic rules and regulations. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most Nigerian commercial drivers and transporters when it comes to overloading.


Overloading of vehicles is a normal daily routine for many commercial drivers and transporters in Nigeria

Commercial drivers and transporters in Nigeria are notorious for breaking traffic rules too often and pretending they are unaware that those rules were created to ensure road safety. What is even more interesting is the way they sometimes don’t care about the grievous harm their violations could be causing to their vehicles, especially with overloading. See a typical example in the photos below;


This extreme level of overloading would surely have negative effects on a vehicle over time

In Nigeria, you will not only see or hear of funny and weird names of popular places but you will sometimes also see ridiculous and weird acts by Nigerian commercial drivers in popular places. A good example is a viral photo that captured the moment when a driver packed some school children like “Sardines” inside his bus at a popular town in Osun state. See the photo below;


Osun driver overload school children inside a small school bus to drop them at their respective homes

After showing you the above photos we would like to ask you, how much should these ridiculously overloaded cars be fined? If the system worked in Nigeria, these overloaded vehicles should get huge fines. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and this is why most of these traffic offenders go scot-free while repeating the same act over and over again.

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You will also like this video below that show some insanely overloaded vehicles caught on camera;

  Most Insanely Overloaded Vehicles Ever

Overloading is harmful to any vehicle and its against the traffic laws in Nigeria.

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