Hilarious moment an overloaded car falls over onto the roadside


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Overloading is the stock in trade of most Nigerian drivers. Watch the moment an overloaded car falls sideways!

Nigerian commercial drivers and overloading are 5 & 6. It's their stock in trade, even when they know the risk it poses while driving on the road.

A video has surfaced online showing a car carrying a massive load on its roof as it fell sideways.

The 17 seconds footage captured the overloaded car as it was approaching and suddenly started swinging from left to right and then fell sideways, with the man sitting on top of the load jumping out before the car landed on the side of the road.


The overloaded car swing from left to right


The car as it was falling over sideways


The overloaded car as it fell down by the side of the road

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It was a hilarious video that attracted some funny responses. Naijauto gathered some of them.

Check them out.

Mannabbqgrills: Hahahaha cheesy cheesy grin wink.
Watching the video is so hilarious mehn.

The car first danced to the left, right, left again, then to the right, left, right, left and finally gbosaaa to the right,

But give it up for the Superman sitting on top of the container,
The way he flew from top to the ground no be for here! cheesy grin grin cheesy wink cheesy grin

Super man without costume! grin cheesy wink

The topic should have been the moment an overloaded car danced 'gbe body e' before falling sideways!

oloriLFC: lmao! I pity the driver

Arysexy: See as d guy jump like spyderman

Tolumiide: The vehicle would have still regained equilibrium. But that man jumped and gave the vehicle no chance.

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