9 outdated car features modern drivers wish to have back


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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The automotive world changes too fast, these 9 car features that were popular in the 90s have been outdated. But is it worth to bring them back?

In the last 20 years or so, a lot of features we were used to seeing in cars have phased out. This is mostly as a result of technological advancements in the world and in order to make cars more appealing to the eye. But deep down, drivers know that they actually enjoyed using many of these features and would give anything to have then returned in newer cars. For instance, there were wipers for headlamps and mirrors installed on fenders (almost serving as cameras). What if accidents would be lesser if some of these features return?

Well, that's not for us to decide but let Naijauto take you back memory lane with 9 useful outdated car features we wish can come back in latest cars!

1. Headlamps that pop up

Do you remember the Honda prelude from the 90s? It has these headlamps that pop up when you need them and close back when not in use. It actually gave the car a sporty feel and sleek appearance. Even the Ferrari's, Nissan's and Mazda's had this feature. The good thing about it is that it also protected the lights from damage. But nowadays, headlamps are out in the open and can easily break.

Those who have spent hundreds of thousands of naira replacing theirs will definitely wish they can have the pop up headlamps back. However, the downside of this feature is it cause severe injuries to pedestrians in the crash, hence many countries considered to ditch it.


Pop-up headlights made cars appear sporty

2. Wipers for headlamps

If you never saw a car with this feature, it would sound funny. But this has actually helped lots of car owners drive better at night, under the rain and in snow. The headlamp wipers clean the lamps so they can illuminate better. You won't only see better by cleaning your windshield alone, but your lights too.


Wipers for headlamps increased the intensity of beams from cars 

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3. Clothes for your seats

These days everyone just wants leather car seats. Back in the day, colorful seat clothes were a huge thing! It makes your car look funky and really cool. If you drive a Honda and are in the midst of all other Honda drivers, your car's seat cloth is what makes you stand out. Not to forget, for guys, it also attracts the ladies.


Fancy clothes for your car seats make you more stylish

4. Mirrors mounted on the fender

There were side mirrors in the past, no doubt, but there were also fender mirrors. Automakers probably figured there was no way you could see so low or have a good view of your tire area - thus made the fender mirrors. Though rearview camera and sensors now do most of the job now, won't you mind still being able to have a look yourself?


Mirrors mounted on the fender acted as rear view cameras

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5. Double fuel tanks

Some Keke rides (tricycles in Nigeria) have this feature. It's like having your functional fuel tank and then a reserve. Those who drive long distances or enjoy saving fuel would love this feature to come back in new vehicles. Commercial transport companies too wouldn't mind. Imagine driving for a while, then your car switches to reserve when its main fuel supply finishes. You can literally drive for days!


What better fuel economy and mpg rating can beat double fuel tanks?

6. Car phones

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily lives, that's why you can find apps that let you use yours while driving. In the past, there were such phones but they were like normal land lines that were installed in the car. If it were ever to come back, manufacturers would only have to find a way to make it hands-free.


If only these outdated car phones can be made hands free, then we wont mind a come back

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7. Bench seats in front

Decades ago, front seats weren't singular. They were made as benches to accommodate more passengers. If you argue that it can distract the driver, imagine in a case where the driver needs assistance, it makes it easy. There are scenarios where a driver gets shot while driving, you can easily take over without crashing the car.


Bench seats in front allows for more passengers

8. Steering wheel at the back seat

Quite a number of cars like the Cadillac CT6 came with a steering wheel at the back seat of the car. It wasn't for fancy, it actually worked. One of the reasons rear steering wheels was to make reversing and car balancing pretty easy. When the front steering wheel turns fully right and you turn the back steering wheel fully in the opposite direction, the car maintains a center movement.

People want this feature back for cases where an accident is imminent or when you wish to reverse and haven't perfected the normal method. At the time, there was a particular radius the rear wheel couldn't steer beyond. But if this is worked on and added to new cars, it will definitely add to safety.


Hope rear steering does not make a car look weird

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9. Suicide doors

Quite a number of vintage cars came with models that have suicide doors. These doors opened different from how car doors these days open. It is one outdated car feature we wish can come back in the latest cars and reduce accidents drastically. The doors also make it easy for you to exit and enter the vehicle.


Resurrecting the suicide doors won't kill, will it?

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