Osun DPR warns Nigerian motorists to stop using phones while refuelling


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Osun state DPR unit issues fresh warning to Nigerian motorists against their common practice of using mobile phones while refuelling at petrol stations.

The Osun State division of the DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources) has recently issued a fresh warning to Nigerian motorists who are accustomed to the use of mobile phones whenever they are refuelling their vehicles.

The Osun DPR says this dangerous act can at anytime cause unprecedented fire outbreak which could lead to further damages.


Osun DPR warns motorists to desist from using their mobile phones when they are refuelling their cars at petrol stations

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According to VanguardNG reports, the Operation Controller for the DPR in Osun State – Mr. Olusegun Daboh told the press that petrol is a highly inflammable fuel and this makes it a very “dangerous” act to be using smartphones when refuelling.  He warned that motorists are simply putting themselves and everyone else at risk by repeating such dangerous acts.

Mr. Daboh further pled with all Nigerian motorists to also endeavour that they always switch off the engine of their cars when refuelling as well.

Apart from warning against the use of mobile phones in filling stations, VanguardNG reports also claimed that Mr. Olusegun Daboh warned all petrol station owners that are currently operating with a fake or expired license.

He extended the warning to petrol station operators that are reportedly under-dispensing or selling way above the actual regulated fuel pump price.

Mr. Daboh urged the general public to report such filling stations to the DPR office and appropriate action will be taken against such operators.

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