Latest revealed: Nigeria's Ore road helicopter picked up a stroke victim


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The claim that the helicopter picked up a billionaire or even his girlfriend as a means of escaping the traffic has been debunked by Femi Adeniji of Tropical Arctic Logistic Limited. Check details here!

There is a video spreading recently on social media like wildfire, speculating a billionaire calling helicopter to pick him up in order to escape the 4-hour long traffic jam at Ore road. This behaviour however provoked many people as they totally condemned it.

According to the helicopter operator, the man that was picked up in the middle of the traffic jam suffered from a stroke. The operator feels it is perfectly normal to respond to emergency calls.

How the story begins

Julian Luxury, a luxury brand, seems to be the first to circulate the information that showed a billionaire being rescued from the Ore traffic jam.

Real life Luxury said:

Real Luxury Lifestyle... the Power of Money... picking up a VIP who is stuck in traffic on the Lagos Benin Expressway,"


The man was falsely alleged to use helicopter as an escape from traffic jam on Ore road

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There was also another rumour that identified the helicopter to be picking up a billionaire’s girlfriend. The act was tagged and condemned to be an act of lawlessness by an actor, Deyemi Okanlawon.

Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority, three days ago, had shown an interest to investigate the incident.

Watch the moment a helicopter picks a wealthy Nigerian man from traffic hold up

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Explanation from helicopter operator

Femi Adeniji, Tropical Artic Logistic Limited, when speaking to BBC revealed his surprise at the video, which in his opinion was not worth much fuss. He believes it is a normal occurrence for their company to heed emergency calls since there is absence of such emergency services in the public. He made it known that the company had responded to such cases six times in the last 2 months.

He furthered debunked the speculation about a billionaire requesting for helicopter to pull him out of traffic. He said the man was suffering from high BP and this got his driver in a panic.

A helicopter was therefore called to the scene while a doctor, also held by the traffic, was helping the man.

The helicopter landed on Ore Road, which acts as a connection between the western part and the Southern part of the country.

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