Nigerian police launches Operation Puff Adder to curb crime along Abuja-Kaduna road


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If you usually ply the Abuja-Kaduna highway with fear of your vehicle getting snatched, no need to worry much anymore. As the inspector general of police has put plans in place to combat crime on that road with the launch of the Operation Puff Adder. Check details here!

In a bid to combat the rising crime rate along the Abuja-Kaduna highway, the acting Inspector General of police, Adamu Mohammed, launched the Operation Puff Adder. While making the announcement on 5th April 2019, he stated that the theft of vehicles and other road related crimes has increased and the police is doing everything to curb it. He added that the operation will not only focus on Kaduna and Abuja adjoining communities, but also areas in and around Zamfara, Niger, Kogi and Katsina states.


Nigerian police training for Operation Puff Adder 

“To the criminal elements, let me sound this note of warning loud and clear: Give up your criminal activities, embrace other legitimate means of livelihood, or be prepared for the consequences of your criminality. The citizens and the Police are now united in their resolve to take the battle to your doorsteps and bring you to deserved justice,”

the IGP was quoted as saying. He added that crimes that affect the daily lives of Nigeria's citizens on a daily basis will not be condoned.

"The time is now and today’s action by the Nigerian Police is aimed at this direction and it is in direct compliance with the directives of Mr President to the Nigeria Police to re-evaluate and emplace new operational strategies to stem the tide of kidnapping, armed robbery, Armed banditry and sundry highly organized crimes across the country within the shortest possible time",

Adamu stated.

Over the last year, the Abuja-Kaduna road has been making the news due to an increase in crime ranging from kidnapping, theft of vehicles amongst others. This has also resulted in most travellers taking the train from Abuja or Kaduna, as an alternative to road travel. However, due to the close proximity from Kaduna to Abuja, people still take the risk by plying the road.


Police force has showed great attempts in curbing car crimes throughout the country

A traveller who spoke on anonymity said that the Abuja airport is one of the reasons a lot of people ply the road, as its closer to Kaduna and more versatile than the one in Kano. Also adding that the inconsistency of the train service has given people no other choice than to ply the route.

A report from the News Agency of Nigeria said that the police had deployed a huge number of its personnel on major roads to curb crime. Difference police departments like the Special Tactical Squad, Intelligence Response Team, The counter-terrorism unit, and many others are some of those involved. The Operation Puff Adder kicks of anytime soon, and personnel are already warming up for deployment.

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