Onitsha transporters lament the growing rate of highway robbery and crimes


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Transporters in Onitsha lament the recent increase in records of highway kidnapping and robbery attacks as they threaten to embark on strike. Read more!

Commercial transporters in Onitsha that travel through highways which lead to Abuja, Lagos, and some northern states in Nigeria have threatened to embark on a nationwide strike if the government doesn’t attend to their security needs.

Reports claim that the aggrieved transporters are lamenting the currently growing rate of highway robbery and abduction of passengers and drivers on most Nigerian highways which they use daily.


Commercial transporters in Onitsha wants the govt to clamp down on highway robberies and other crimes

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Press reports claim that the commercial transporters in Onitsha are calling on the federal government as well as the Nigerian police force to help curb the increasing rate of insecurity on the federal highways.

The reports also state that the Manager of “God’s Will Transport” company recently revealed that bandits are now operating unhindered in many key areas of concern.

He reportedly mentioned some dangerous flashpoints like the areas around Ogbemudia Farm shared with the Benin bypass and connecting to Ore in Ondo state as well as Lokoja, Kogi State.

According to the reports, it has been observed that the transporters who are most vulnerable to these highway attacks include fleet operators that convey people from Onitsha directly to locations like Port Harcourt, Aba, and Enugu. Similarly, it was also reported that transporters who make use of Toyota Sienna buses, luxurious buses, and other commuter bus operators are more susceptible to being attacked by highway kidnappers and armed robbers.

This new report brings to mind that a few months ago, some robbers were still apprehended along the Benin-Auchi road just as the Onitsha transporters have stated above. Below is a press video confirming the arrest of those highway robbers back then.

  Robbers apprehended along Benin-Auchi Road

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