[Video] This one-off Toyota Land Cruiser with its huge portal axles can take you anywhere


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Do you like off-roaders? You have got to see this unbelievable one-off Toyota Land Cruiser that can survive any road or terrain.

Naijauto loves one-off modified monster vehicles like the custom Toyota Landcruiser LC79 upgrade made by PCOR (Patriot Campers Off-Road), which they call “the Supertourer”.

PCOR claims that the customer had requested for something different from every other off-roader out there, and PCOR decided to fit portal axles in the LC79. This arrangement helps this Supertourer gain impressive ground clearance with the portal axle as the differential and axle are moved higher into the frame of the vehicle.

This also means that this vehicle’s wheels aren’t driven directly by the axle but instead through some type of gearbox present at the each of the vehicle’s wheels. And it also allows for a monster 35-inch off-road tires.


Check out the impressive ground clearance of this one-off PCOR customized Toyota Landcruiser LC79 “Supertourer”

Below is a quick highlight of the incredible features of this monster truck;

  • Fitted standard-issue PCOR aluminium bed (with sliding trays and lockable storage areas)
  • 76.6 gallons (290liters) fuel combined capacity from 3 fuel tanks underneath
  • Custom rear and front bumpers
  • Side steps
  • Highpower LED lights (dual bank)

Watch the short clip below where this specially built truck is showcased;

  A Completely Unique LC79 Landcruiser - PCOR Supertourer

Wow, isn’t it marvelous?

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