One killed as gunmen attack bullion van in Lagos, cart away huge money


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At least one person was confirmed dead during an attack on Bullion van recently in Lagos, where the gunmen carted away a huge amount of money.

From a new report, one person had lost his life to a stray bullet in a robbery attack recently in Lagos, where a bullion van loaded with cash was attacked by gunmen on Ado Road in the Ajah area of Lagos State. The robbery attack took place last Thursday around 3 pm, where the armed robbers reportedly went away with a large sum of money stolen from the van.


The bullion van was attacked by unknown gunmen, who carted away cash and killed one person in Lagos

From what we learnt, the armed robbers were firing bullets at the van from the distance to make it stop. The driver of this bullion van didn’t yield despite the imminent danger until he reached Blenco supermarket.

A viral video of this shocking event shared online, showing the moment the gunmen were shooting at the van, in order to gain access to it. Another video, taken after the robbery attack, revealed the victim of the attack, lying lifeless on the ground.

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From eyewitnesses’ reports, the robbers robbed the bullion van after trailing it from the cash collection point. While they carted away a huge amount in cash, they also left some scattered on the road. The people around the area were spotted picking the money on the floor after the robbers left the scene. Meanwhile, in what seems like a similar story was when a Bank of Ghana bullion van collided with a tanker; several casualties were recorded and four billion naira (GHS60,500,000) was scattered on the floor.

Here is the video capturing the recent attack on bullion van in the Ajah area of Lagos. Watch the clip below:

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: armed men attack Bullion Van, kill police in Ado road Ajah, Lagos | Vanguard News

An eyewitness with the Twitter handle @vlQtoOoR tweeted witnessing the event when the robbers in a milk-coloured vehicle were in hot pursuit after the bullion van. The tweet further revealed that the robbers were able to shoot at the tyres of the van, but the driver behind the wheels of the van dragged it in an attempt to escape until he was finally overpowered by the overwhelming force of the gunmen.

Hakeem Odumosu, who happens to be the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, couldn’t respond to the situation as at the time he was questioned by the press. However, he confessed that he was yet to receive the full report of the incident.

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