Oncoming car driver throws egg, blinding motocyclist in one eye


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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As insignificant as the egg might be, it has blinded one of the eyes of a motorcyclist in the UK. Read the story to know how it happened!

Motorists should be careful of what they throw at people while driving on the road.

A motorcyclist in Leicestershire UK has been blinded in one eye after a driver in an oncoming car threw an egg at his face.


The motorcyclist's helmet valor was up when the egg hit his face 

The 31-year-old bike rider was traveling along Newton lane, in Winston around 11.15 pm last Friday when the incident happened.

Leicestershire police said the motorcyclist's helmet visor was up when the egg came hitting him on his face.

Naijauto gathered he was taken from the scene to the hospital where emergency surgery was carried out but the surgeons couldn't save his sight.

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The statement released by the Leicestershire police said,

I appreciate [egg throwing] is not something you would necessarily think to report to the police, but this incident where this victim has lost his sight shows that it can be very serious.

We need to find the car and the people responsible as soon as possible.


The incident happened at Newton Lane, Winston around 11.15 pm. The driver has been arrested

Shortly after the incident happened, the police got another report of eggs being thrown from a moving car in Welland park road.

As at the time of this report, the driver who threw the egg at the motorcyclist has been arrested.

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