Grace over Might: Popular comedian Oluwadolarz buys new Range Rover


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Popular Nigerian skit maker Oluwadolarz has just added a brand new Range Rover SUV to his collection of cars. See the full story!

Despite the ravaging effect of COVID-19 on the whole world in the year 2020, a lot of Nigerian celebrities are flooding the streets with their newly acquired expensive cars.

One of the latest Range Rover owners in town is the popular online skit maker known as Oluwadolarz. This new luxury SUV is reportedly a new addition to Oluwadolarz car collection.


Popular funny skit maker Oluwadolarz just acquired a new Range Rover SUV

To show his excitement over this beautiful acquisition, the comedian took to his Instagram page to share photos of him posing with his brand new black-coloured Range Rover SUV.

Oluwadolarz disclosed during the unveiling that he got the car not by might but through “grace”.

Owning a Range Rover SUV is one way to announce your success to the whole world. Only a small portion of the population would be able to afford to get one of these specially made luxury SUVs.

The exciting news of Oluwadolarz’s new acquisition was well received by his numerous fans and well-wishers on social media, as they have been sending him congratulatory messages on all platforms.


Grace 🎱 #anotherkey

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With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Oluwadolarz with the real name Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde is one of the most popular online comedians in Nigeria.

Being the firstborn in a family of 7 children, Oluwadolarz is the founder of Oluwadolarz Room of Comedy. Aside from being a standup comedian, the celebrity acts as an MC and actor too. Unknown to many, he started his career with music before venturing into the craft of comedy.

Meanwhile, you might want to entertain yourself with one of his funny skits online. Check the video below:


Congratulations to Oluwadolarz on his newly acquired expensive whip!!!

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