[Incredible!] Check out an old van turned into a mobile swimming pool


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Wouldn't you love to own a mobile swimming pool that you can carry around whenever the weather is hot? Well, check out this creativity!

A swimming pool is a great place to relieve the work-day stress. And it's even more appreciated during sunny days and in countries that have a hot climate like that of Nigeria. After spending long hours under the sun, your best relief will be to go take a dive into the swimming pool. You could even wish it was a mobile swimming pool, so you can carry it along wherever you go.

Well, a French artist has just turned that wish into a reality.

Meet Benedetto Bufalino and his latest creative project, a mobile swimming pool.


Benedetto is known for making 4-wheeled vehicles take over different jobs

Benedetto crafted this piece out from a van and transformed it into a mobile swimming pool caravan. The mobile pool is a great way and place to indulge in refreshing dips. And not only that, there's an opportunity to drive the pool around and have a pool party at any location that might be hot and sunny.

The French artist was able to turn the outdated camp van into a mobile swimming pool by taking off the roof of the van. Then he cleared away the interiors and reconstructed the van's body. He added new features that will enable the water to stay in the van. He also got a ladder and positioned it at the back of the van. With the ladder, people can jump into the swimming pool.


Who can imagine of a moveable swimming pool like this?

This mobile swimming pool isn't Benedetto's first attempt at revamping old vehicles into usable objects. He had also reconstructed an aged Ford Mondeo into a pizza oven that uses wood.


Benedetto first gained public attraction with his pizza-oven Toyota

To Benedetto, an old car isn't a waste but an opportunity to showcase his creativity.

Naijauto.com agrees with the French artist on this: an old car isn't a waste indeed.

Jane Osuagwu
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Jane Osuagwu

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