7 old car features that no longer exist


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As new inventions are being made in automobile technology, new features are being introduced. Read this article to see 7 car features that no longer exist!

Technology is changing and much advancement has been made in the automobile. As new inventions are being made and new features are being introduced, it is not unusual that the old one become phased out.

Even though the new features in automobiles have indeed improved performance and made riding more convenient and comfortable, it wouldn’t be out of line to say that we would love to have some of those old features back. It isn’t impossible after all history does repeat itself.

Here are some of the old car features that you would hardly find in modern day automobiles, collected by Naijauto.com!

1. Car radio whip antennas

If you recall when car had ashtrays, then definitely you would remember that cars once came with long antennas. You would often see antennas protruding out of the middle portions or sides of the old model cars. The use of car antennas was common at that time probably because radio was the only source of entertainment available for cars during those periods.

Who still listens to radios when there are USB players, CD players and even Mini TV’s in the modern day cars. The modern day cars that still adopt the use of antennas have them in mini-retractable forms or directly embedded within the windshield.


The Whip antenna has been displaced by the use of more recent car infotainment systems

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2. Ashtrays and lighters

During the early years of cars, it was common to see ashtrays and lighters installed in the dashboard of vehicles. For those that were non- smokers, this spot came in handy for storing coins and also formed a container for discarding things like candy wrappers and chewing gum.

This feature faded away was being replaced tech- inclined installations like the phone charger ports.


Ashtray and lighters used to be the most frequently used feature in car

3. Bench seats

Bench seats were used before the introduction of seat belts. Unlike the separate and comfortable cushion seats found in the modern cars, the bench seats were not separated. It could fit in three or even four people in the front seat of the vehicle at a time.

They were more suited for accommodating additional passengers however; they were not fitted with seat belts and were obviously not safe. The bucket seats used in the modern cars also gave a sportier look to the vehicle’s interior.

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4. Spare tires

Cars before now used to come with full- size spare tires. This is obviously a feature most of us will miss. One of the reasons why recent cars cease coming with full-size spare tire is the small size of the trunks. Even those that come with it only provide limited use.

Those limited ones unlike the full-size are compact and designed to travel only short distances (about 50mph). They are known as doughnut.

5. Tailfins

This feature was the original design of General Motors designed by Chief Harley Earl. They were actually inspired by the designs used in the WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter plane and first featured in the 1948 Cadillac. The tailfins later increased in size giving cars a bit of a futuristic look.


Tailfins may be coming back in newer car models in form of spoilers and splitters

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6. Vent windows

The olden day cars were not privileged to come with air conditioning system as it is with the modern day cars. The vent windows served the purpose of ventilation. These windows are usually in the form of small glass window that seats besides the main door window of a vehicle. They were sometimes operated separately from the main window and would allow the inflow of air into the cabin without creating much mess.

7. Hand-cranked car windows

Who could have thought back then that a day would come when car windows would be rolled up or down only by pressing a button? With the old model cars, rolling up or rolling down the car window required some amount of effort as this was done manually. It has become increasingly rare to find this feature in cars nowadays. It is also a relief knowing that most people won’t miss it.

If there any car features that you know have gone into extinction, which you miss? Chances are they might still come back in the future, maybe in an upgraded form or maybe not.

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