See the officials of FRSC accused of beating a man and dragging his unconscious body along Calabar road


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A viral video of an FRSC official beating up a man to pulp and dragging his unconscious body has been making the rounds on the internet.

It appears officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) at the Cross Rivers state command allegedly beat a driver to pulp and dragged his unconscious body on the road.


FRSC officials were captured on video dragging an unconscious man on Calabar road after beating him to pulp

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According to Ohaka Miracle, an Instagram user who witnessed the provocative incident, it occurred in a satellite town in the state capital, Calabar, on the 25 January 2020. According to the eye witness, the driver was beaten to a state of unconsciousness and dragged on the road by the FRSC officials, who also attempted to put him inside the boot of a car.

Video: FRSC Officials Accused Of Beating Man In Calabar, Cross River State.

Till now, the command is yet to ascertain the offense of the driver to have warranted such ill-treatment nor have we heard any reaction so far from them on this viral video

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