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If you will like to know the names and see a picture of all the ceremonial and official vehicles used by the top 45 leaders in the world? See them here now!

Naijauto found a specially prepared demographic image shared by a U.S based private automobile finance management company – Title Max. The picture shows all of the special ceremonial and official vehicles used by the top 45 world leaders.

Many people don’t know how hard it can be transporting the leader or president of a nation. Quite a number of security measures have to be put in place to ensure that the leader is safe at all time from any unprecedented attacks while moving from one place to another.

This security need explains why most of the vehicles used by these world leaders usually come with highly sophisticated and technological protection features such as the “ballistic” protection against bullets and bombs.

And even with all of such security features, these vehicles are also required to still be luxurious enough to offer utmost comfort for the passengers.

Below you will see all of the ceremonial and official vehicles of top 45 leaders in the world including Nigerian President – Muhammadu Buhari;


These are the ceremonial and official vehicles used by the top 45 leaders in the world

From the above image, one could easily notice that Mercedes seems to be the most preferred brand used by leaders in most nations except for a few ones like France, Sweden, and China – which only used cars produced within their nation.

Did you notice the official car of Uruguayan President – Jose Mujica?

You can check again 😊!

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