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As a speedy football player, Obafemi Martins' cars must be speedy. Does that make sense?

Obafemi Martins' personal life such as Obafemi Martins cars, his house and his wife is a constant interest of the public. Why don't you join Naijauto.com and dive into all the juicy stories around this talented Nigerian footballer now?

Who is Obafemi Martins?

If you are a true fan of football, this name must sound too familiar to you. Obafemi Martins is a Nigerian footballer who has spent years playing professional football for top clubs in Europe and also has his brother Oladipupo Martins who used to play the king of the team sports as well. All started at the age of 16, thanks to his bold decision to leave his home country to challenge himself at the old continent. He began his senior football career in the continent in 2002 playing for one of the best Italian club Inter Milan in Serie A. Prior to that, he had spent one year with the youth team of Inter to earn them 23 goals, impressive enough to help him book a place for Inter’s first team.


Many believe he is one of the greatest Nigerian football player

The 1984-born forward has his reputation with his skill on controlling the ball at high speeds.

Obafemi Martins cars

Following a decorated career in the pitch (2 Italian Cups, a Italian Seria A title, a Italian Super Cup, the UEFA Intertoto Cup, and reaching the 2011 Football League Cup Final), Obafemi Martins not only marked his name in the global football map but with the money he’s earned throughout the years, he allows himself to savor the sweetest tastes of a luxury lifestyle of supercars. Let’s find out today on Naijauto.com:

1. Obafemi Martins’ latest car

According to many sources of news disclosed, Obafemi Martins had its latest last year when playing in China. It is the Bentley Bentayga that had him pay for at least $195,000 (~N70 million). Do you know something in this Bentley that could turn the great Nigerian footballer’s head? It is the 6L twin-turbo W-12 engine that allows the car to accelerate from rest to 60 mph in only 4 seconds while its top speed can be at 187 mph equivalent to 301 kph, making it the fastest SUV in the world. If he was willing to have the best variant, that wouldn’t cost less than $300,000 (~N108 million) that I believe he was generous enough to.


Obafemi Martins has the Bentley Bentayga as his latest car in the garage

2. Obafemi Martins’ most pricey car

The answer is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. To have this wonder, Obafemi might have to spend up to $964,521 (~N350 million) . It is a super sports car that was made by the handshake between the German car maker and British car manufacturer McLaren. With its 5.4L supercharged M155 SLR V8 powertrain, the car deliver 262 PS or 720 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.


Obafemi Martins used to bring his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren to the training ground, it attractted the attention of his teamates


The Chinese Super League is considered a league of the rich


The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren has a convertible top

3. Some other attention-catching cars of Obafemi Martins

  • The Lamborghini Aventador


Perhaps he's teaching his son how to love speed just like him


This wonder cost him N162 million, being one of his most pricey car in the garage

  • The Mercedes-Benz G-Class

As a speedy football player, speedy cars are always his love, the 5L V8 engine would match his reputation. This one is priced between $128,900 and $295,000 (~N47m and N107m).


Obafemi Martins loves letting his kid to be in his Instagram posts


Another one with the red interior

Video: Biography of Obafemi Martins,Origin,Career,Net worth,Wives,Children,family


Obafemi is also well-known as a charitable person

Obafemi Martins’ wife

Though being one of the greatest Nigerian footballers and embedded his name in the football’s world, Obafemi Martins rarely disclosed of his personal love life. Not until lately, media could get information of his story with a sister of Mario Balotelli, who also had two spells playing at Premier League. His love is Abigail Barwuah who is of Ghanian origin.


Not till recently information of his wife could be revealed

Their relationship developed in 2012 in Milan but till they had been married recently, the media discovered the story after Abigail was caught wearing a wedding band while she also commented addressing herself as Mrs. Martins on her social media.

Obafemi Martins’ house in Lagos

Obafemi Martins must love having a good place to rest after his retirement. The 34-year-old forward has a good plan, he bought himself a masion in Lagos. This magnificent mansion was shot and posted on his instgram.


Obafemi Martins is an avid Instagram user


The man just spent his money on this new masion in Lagos


Is it well planned for his retirement?


This is how his mansion in Lagos looks

Obafemi Martins football career

1. Making his name at Inter Milan

His debut match in Serie A premised a good future with the club seeing the club beating Parma 2-1 on 22 December 2002. Martins went on with Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League, scoring his first goal of the league into the net of Bayer 04 Leverkusen. This goal was also a brace for the team to head into the quarter-finals. His somersault celebration later was used for UEFA (one of the biggest association football clubs) advertisement for the next-year competition. He continued to star in the semi-final match with the rival from the same city, AC Milan, Scoring a goal but that was not enough for the team to advance to the last match of the competition due to the away goals rule.

Obafemi Martins playing for Inter Milan

His time in Milan was the best days in his career

A year afterwards, Martins marked a new record in the Champions League, becoming the first teenage player to hit the net in 3 consecutive seasons. The same year, he scored a total of 22 goals in 45 matches, the best form ever in his football career, which led him to being picked to play in the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations for Nigeria National Football team.

2. Moving to the Premiere League

Martins played in the league in two spells for two different Premier League clubs (Premier League is the highest division of all English football organisations).

In 2005, he formed a committed relationship with the club with a contract that would be extended to 2010 worth €2.5 million (~N1 billion) annually. But this contract and the fact that he had scored 28 goals in 88 league games for Inter Milan and 11 goals in the most honorable European competitions couldn’t halt the owner’s club from selling them in the 2016 transfer market. The club had bigger dreams with bigger stars (Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Heman Crespo) to let Martins travel to Premier League playing for Newcastle United F.C.

Obafemi Martins celebrating his goal in Newcastle

He had many dificulties during spells in the Premier League

Moving to Newscatle United for a 5-year deal on 24 August 2006, Martins put on the number 9 short, taking on the job to fill in the gap that the club legend Alan Shearan had just left. His first game in the most severe league on earth was not what Martins could expect. He got a knee injury and had to get out of the pitch with the help of the medical staff team, seeing the team beaten 2-0 by Aston Villa.

The Obafemi Martins’ first period at Newcastle United was considered a flop to the fans and club with his goal drought that made the manager at the time Glenn Roeder speak out to defend his player. Not until 17 September did the Nigerian player score a goal for the club, securing a win against West Ham United by 2-0.

In January 2007, his impressive form in the Jersey of Newcastle ignited rumors over Chelsea F.C’s interest in the Nigerian forward but Martins later extinguished those rumors himself, confirming he’s happy at the current club.

Obafemi Martins roaring in the Newcastle jersey

Injuries found him more frequently in his secon season in the league

3. Enjoying spells with many other clubs

The second season at the club turned everything upside down with the Nigerian player. New manager Sam Allardyce had Mark Viduka and Michael Oven up front, making Obafemi Martins a bench warmer. Even after Allardyce was replaced by Kevin Keegan, no prospect seemed to work. Playing less and less goals scored nourished his determination to depart. That coupled with his tom hamstring and hernia surgery in the early of 2009 that he decided to left for VfL Wolsburg in a £9 million(~3.7 billion) bid but only a year later he was sold for the Russian Premier League club FC Rubin Kazan for €17 million (~N7 billion), here he won a title with the club - the Russian Cup in May 2012.

Obafemi Martins in Wolfsburg Jersey

He only played one season for Wolfsburg

After leaving the two-time winner of the Russian Premier League championship, Obafemi Martins moved on to Birmingham City F.C, Levante UD, Seattle Sounders FC (the Major League Soccer), then stopped and retired at Shanghai Shanhua in the Chinese Super League on 1 June 2018 with the biggest memories being his world-class performance in both legs of the 2017 Chinese FA Cup final. Sadly, the team couldn’t win the trophy.

Obafemi Martins playing as a player of Rubin Kazan

Obafemi Martins joined Rubin Kazan to win the Russan Cup in 2012


Obafemi Martins is a wonder of the Nigerian football, the one who also earned a good reputation throughout the old continent in the Jerseys of the most renowned clubs in Europe. We all know he deserves his name for his dedication and hardwork and are happy to see Obafemi Martins cars, house, etc are well-deserved gifts the man makes for himself.

Naijauto.com hope you enjoy reading this article on the wonderful life and dedication to football of Nigerian forward Obafemi Martins. See you with more eye-whopping celebrity car collections on Naijauto.com!

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