Look at how OAP Sensei Uche uses his Nissan Murano car to stop Danfo from falling off Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos


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It could have been a catastrophic if OAP Sensei Uche hadn't been there early enough to save the day by preventing the Danfo from plunging into the lagoon. Read here!

We might not really need those superheroes in many Hollywood sci-fi movies. We definitely have heroes with superpowers living among us.

Such was the case recently when OAP Sensei Uche heroic act was something worthy of emulation and indeed praise when he used his SUV, Nissan Murano to stop a danfo from falling into the Lagoon. That would have been quite a dark moment for those people in the bus if it hadn’t been prevented.

From report, it was recorded that the danfo was filled with passengers and almost plunged into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge. It was indeed a lucky day for those passengers that would have scared out of their skins.


Though his Nissan Murano took a hit, it was for a greater cause

Not long after this report of a possible huge loss was filed, the OAP took to his Instagram account and shared how he used his car to help prevent what could have been a big catastrophic. He claimed that the danfo bus had a brake failure and was imminently heading into the lagoon, which seemed to be its final destination. If not for his car that stopped the commercial bus, it would have been another story entirely.

Check out his account of the incident below:

Was on my way to the office on 3rd mainland bridge and this happened.
The bus behind lost its breaks and was heading into the lagoon and had to use mine to stop.
The passengers are thanking God and me that my vehicle stopped them from entering the lagoon.
Thank God no lives were lost.


The hero narrated the event on his social account

Seems like OAP Sensei Uche's talent doesn't end with presenting. He deserves to be honoured for such bravery in the face of death.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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