NSC and FRSC to cooperate closely in founding Truck Transit Parks


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NSC and FRSC collaborate with each other in constructing Truck Transit Parks to reduce havoc and environmental degradation in Nigeria.

The Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), Mr. Hassan Bello reveals that the organization will cooperate with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to found Truck Transit Parks (TTPs) and modern traffic management system at the harbors. On Wednesday, he heads the delegation to make a formal visit to the FRSC Corp Marshal in Abuja.

As claimed by Bello, in 2010, the two sides signed an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Traffic Decongestion, which will be considered as a priority for the TTPs and also, a premise of their collaboration. Especially, FRSC has the technique and understanding about TTPs - a modern automated transport infrastructure. He also said that NSC is encouraging Inland Dry Ports to cooperate together in the field of modern traffic management system, appropriately, workers are also trained in this area. 

long line of trucks on the roads of Nigeria

NSC will cooperate with the FRSC to found Truck Transit Parks ( TTPs )

He also stated that it was necessary to build and develop modern transport infrastructure and TTPs in Nigeria in order to cut down havoc and environmental degradation. TTPs will provide a wide range of facilities, one of them can be used to check the trucks carrying overloaded goods. From that, authorities will come up with several solutions for stopping the indiscriminate parking of trucks on the highways. 

“The TTPs are being promoted by the Shippers Council. They are facilities that will be off the highways, where trucks will be conveniently parked to stop the indiscriminate parking of trucks on our roads. Such indiscriminate parking causes a lot of havoc and environmental degradation and that is not how to do business. We need to have modern transport infrastructure and TTPs to keep the trucks off the highways which will be established through Public Private Partnership.’’, he added.

According to Mr. Hassan Bello, when the TTPs comes into operation, it will create jobs for a number of unemployees in the whole nation. The TTPs are proposed to serve for Lokoja, Niger, Benin, Obollo-Afor, Mararaban-Jos, Jebba, Ogere, and Ore.

A lot of trucks on the road

The TTPs are proposed to serve for Lokoja, Niger, Benin, Obollo-Afor, Mararaban-Jos, Jebba, Ogere, and Ore

Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi from FRSC Corps Marshal promised that the company would review the MoU to lessen the devastation caused by on-highway trucks. Oyeyemi said that 90% of on-highway trucks which was bought 30 years ago should not have traveled on the roads. Besides, 200 motor parks are illegal and served for criminal behaviors. 

He further emphasized that the two sides will make a revision in MoU. The main problem is not the enforcement, trucks on the highways are truly what we need to worry.


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