#NorthernLivesMatter: See the viral video of bandits riding bikes freely


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Twitter is currently full of outcries after a viral video surfaced showing Northern bandits riding bikes freely on public roads despite their atrocities. See more!

Its been quite a horrible week for residents of Northern states like Borno, Sokoto, and Katsina following recent killings, not just by the terrorist Boko Haram group alone but also by some unknown bandits. Northerners on Twitter, who could not take it any longer, have taken to the social media platform to protest the current high level of insecurity and the alarming number of killings witnessed on a daily basis.


#NorthernLivesMatter: Northerners on twitter protest killings by unknown bandits that roam freely on the streets

Earlier this week of course, there were several outcries of #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter both in Nigeria and all over the world. We even reported how the protest got out of hand when George Floyd protesters vandalized a Mercedes-Benz showroom in the U.S.

Today, it's yet another story and a new protest specifically by Nigerians on Twitter who have picked up the hashtag #NorthernLivesMatter to protest incessant killings by Bandits in Northern Nigeria states. One of the protesters on Twitter allegedly claimed that in a span of just 5 days, about 82 civilians were killed in Borno, 60 in Sokoto, and 212 in Katsina state, this week alone.

Below are some of the photos shared on Twitter by protesters using the #NorthernLivesMatter hashtag:


Twitter user says Yankara-Katsina residents have blocked a major highway in protests relating to #NorthernLivesMatter

To make matters worse, a viral video has now even surfaced online, showing these so-called bandits riding their cars and motorcycles freely on public roads despite their various atrocities. As of the time of writing this report, both residents of Northern states and other regions of Nigeria have also joined the Twitter protest after another video also surfaced showing the bandits doing an open meeting in broad daylight.

Below is one of the videos shared by a protester on his Twitter page;

It's quite saddening to see these bandits and/or terrorists owning several cars, motorcycles, and high-quality weapons while roaming freely with no one daring to stop them yet. Makes us wonder, where are they getting those cars, motorcycles, and ammunitions from?

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