Nissan, Audi and Volkswagen want a break from the traditional monthly sales reporting game


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Giant automakers like Volkswagen, Audi and Nissan seem to be tired of the usual monthly Sales Reporting game as they plan to quit soon.

For some years now, the release of monthly sales reports has been a tradition that most giant automakers keep to prove their company’s performance and give insight to its customers. Unfortunately, it has grown to become a highly competitive game over time, which top auto brands such as Nissan, Volkswagen, and Audi now plan to quit.


Volkswagen, Audi, and Nissan plans to break free from traditional monthly report game

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This huge move started gaining ground from the United States where Tesla Motors became the first auto brand to go against the traditional monthly sales report but rather only released quarterly reports. In the year 2018 – GM (General Motors) joined as well then, Fiat Chrysler and Ford Motors Co followed suit also.

This huge break in the tradition for the top giants must have been a result of Tesla’s stock rising to unbelievable heights despite its initial move to not advertise its monthly reports. As a matter of fact, Tesla is currently worth more than Ford and GM combined on paper, and is second only to Toyota.

From a recent press interview about this change in tradition and the big decision by auto brands, below are some of the comments of stakeholders:

Tyson Jominy - Vice President of Power Information Network (J. D Power);

“The auto industry is asking itself: ‘Tesla doesn’t do monthly reporting and they are being hugely rewarded, so why do we do it?”

“There’s not a lot of good news to go around. So how many times in a year do you want to give bad news?”

Nissan Spokesman;

“We think it’s a good way for us to provide a clearer picture of the sales performance over a longer period of time,”

“There’s a lot of monthly variances in sales — there’s spikes and troughs. We think this will just smooth those.”

Patrick Womack – the chairman of BMW National Dealer’s Forum:

“We won’t have to offer loser deals at month end. Little things disrupt the market month to month. So quarterly is probably the better and healthier way to look at sales performance.”

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