NIPCO moves to speed up the adoption of natural gas as fuel in Nigeria


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Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company expresses commitment to ensure that more cars in Nigeria start running on natural gas as soon as possible. Read more!

While critics are still analyzing the possible benefits of switching to CNG as fuel in Nigeria, NIPCO has expressed commitment to support the move and to help fast-track the conversion of regular cars to run on gas.  The MD of NIPCO (Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company) says that the firm is fully committed to enabling motorists to easily convert their vehicles to run on natural gas.


NIPCO moves to help fast-track the adoption of CNG as fuel for powering cars in Nigeria

According to media reports, Mr Lawal Taofeek, the Assistant GM of Corporate Affairs at NIPCO, said in his recent public statement that Teotia and other NIPCO subsidiaries are currently providing a huge number of infrastructures to enable Nigerians to adopt the use of natural gas as fuel. He claims that the company and its subsidiaries have sprung to action in support of the Federal Government’s decision to promote the adoption of natural gas to power road vehicles.

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Mr Lawal Taofeek reportedly mentioned that the company has so far converted about 6,000 regular vehicles to become gas-powered between 2009 and now. This proves that NIPCO has been pioneering the adoption of natural gas as fuel for powering vehicles as one of the best alternatives to petrol and diesel fuel. As of the time of writing this report, Mr Lawal Taofeek also claimed that NIPCO now has up to 8 commissioned filling stations selling CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as fuel to customers all over Nigeria.

And for those interested in knowing the disadvantages or advantages of adopting CNG as fuel for cars, watch this short video below.

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