Nigeria’s Police Force promises to expose officer caught requesting for passenger’s ATM on highway


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The Nigeria Police have reacted to the viral video of an officer attempting to extort a passenger on the highway by asking for his ATM.

Just recently, a viral video was making the rounds on social media, capturing the moment a Nigerian police officer was seen trying to extort a male passenger by bringing out a POS device while requesting for his ATM card. In response to this embarrassing video, Nigeria’s Police Force (NPF) has expressed its total lack of support for such an act by any of its officers.


Nigerian police assures appropriate punishment to the alleged officer if found guilty after verifying the video

The Police have hereby given assurance to the general public of its unrelenting commitment to bringing officers, found culpable of any wrongdoing in the course of their duties, to book.

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From what we learned, the security agency disclosed that it has started investigations to validate the authenticity of the video and expose the officer in question if found guilty.

“The Nigerian Police Force has commenced investigations to unravel the authenticity of the video, location of incident and identity of persons captured in the viral video where some persons in Police uniform were captured, allegedly with POS machine and demanding ATM card from a member of the public.

“The IGP condemns all acts of corruption by Public Servants, particularly Police officers and is committed to bringing to book any officer found wanting in this regard.

“The police, however, urged members of the public to send relevant information that could assist Police investigators to or kindly DM @policeNG”

Not to forget that the force, with increasing nationwide staff strength of 371,800 officers, has suffered a lot of backlash from the general populace for the various atrocities committed by them while discharging their duties.

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