See how Nigerians are running a Thrillz on Wheelz business in Canada!


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Did you know that some Nigerians have started running a successful mobile entertainment business in Canada? Check out the details and photos here!

Naijauto is proud of the “Okeys” and “Osemwegies” who are currently in Canada and successfully running a mobile entertainment business legally as Nigerians.

The two families own a party & mobile video game theatre that they dubbed “Thrillz On Wheelz”, which they use to bring excitement into the lives of Alberta and Calgary residents as a business.


This is the genius “Thrillz On Wheelz” owned by the Okeys & Osemwegies in Canada

Yes, it’s a game-theatre on wheels!

Their trucks are all fitted with the latest gaming devices that help to offer thrilling entertainment for any age group/range at various party venues in Canada.

These mobile entertainment trucks are well decorated with neon decals that are just sufficient to get kids squealing in excitement. The sight of such a truck in any party venue is great or the kids and even a few adults as well.


See a truck arrive at your party in Canada with this type of Neon decals, be rest assured; entertainment has arrived

This luxury, limousine-styled theatre trucks all feature 5D LED large screens hooked to modern game consoles with an endless library of latest popular games. They also come with Stadium-like seats, superb surround sound systems, and a fun “Action Station” that also delivers more excitement and entertainment overall.

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“Thrillz On Wheelz” comes with 5D LED large screens hooked to modern game consoles with massive library of games

This mobile entertainment facility has now become the most exciting video game party hangout that is most affordable to many people.

The entire interior and exterior of the video game theatre is thoroughly cleaned up after each event/hangout in order to maintain good hygiene standards, which is key in the entire business.


With stadium-like seats and a standby game coach, the “Thrillz On Wheelz” perfectly serves kids much fun as well as security

When Evelyn Osemwegie, a director in the “Thrillz on Wheelz” company was interviewed about the business, she said;

“We strive to provide each customer with the most talked-about party experience”.

“We can provide an array of video games suitable to any age group and range, our clients always have the final say on what games we make available for their guests”

She also mentioned that they usually have a game coach present at all times to help each group or player find the ideal game that will offer them the most entertainment when on board.

Some of the other areas they also cover in Canada include Sylvan Lake, Red deer, Strathmore, Cochrane, Banff, Turner Valley, High River, Chestermere, Okotoks, and Airdrie.

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