#ChinaMustExplain: Nigerians mistreated in China amid Covid-19


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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Many Nigerians now turn homeless on the streets of China after Chinese authorities took some incomprehensible actions on Nigerian living in the country.

The whole world (Nigeria included) has been applauding the miraculous job done by the Chinese government and their medical staff in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 in the country. From a country that recorded the first cases of the Coronavirus, China has almost eradicated the pandemic with only 1,160 active cases (April 9, 4 AM, Nigerian time). Who can believe that just about a month ago, China was wrestling with the virus, treating 80,000 patients and only lost 3,000 to Death?

However, in the last hours, Twitter has been blown away with many Nigerians fuming with the Chinese people’s way of treating our fellows in their country.

Many Nigerians are left homeless on the streets of China when some were forced to leave their houses with their passports seized by the authorities. This is just disgraceful!

While right in Nigeria, a team of Chinese medical staff has just arrived to help fight the Coronavirus in our country. Mixed opinions on this event have been expressed on Twitter after the videos of Nigerians discharged from their homes appeared on the internet yesterday. Some uttered bitter questions: If they can’t protect our people in China, how can they protect us in our own land?



Twitter comments about the latest scandal

Now the big problem with our brothers and sisters is with no food, no transportation, no homes to shelter in, etc. What is the solution? Even going back to Nigeria via air would take a good amount of time. Hope that our cries will be heard.

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