Nigerians imported ₦189-billion-worth vehicles from USA in 2018, nearly doubled that of 2017


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Did you know that used cars worth about ₦189 Billion were imported from the USA into Nigeria in the year 2018 alone? Check below to see the full report with detailed statistics!

Is this how Nigeria always import such a high volume and worth of used cars from the USA? might not be able to directly answer the above question but we do have a complete report of imported used cars numbers from the year 2014 to 2018 for you to see and get the answers yourself. You can find this report further below.

It is no more news that Nigeria imports most of its used cars from the USA. Sometimes ago in the past, it would be Europe but the “American Spec” has now become the latest trend.

One major reason why Nigerians now prefer to import cars from the USA is due to the ease of importation and the availability of used cars. You can even import right from the comfort of your own home in Nigeria now, thanks to U.S Auction websites and the likes.

According to the latest report reaching us, a total of about ₦189 Billion ($526 million) worth of used cars were imported from the USA into Nigeria in the year 2018 along which is an unbelievable increase against the 2017 figure of just ₦102 Billion ($284 million).

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Even more than used vehicles, Nigeria imported a huge number of brand new cars from the US

The U.S Department of Commerce claims that Nigeria had imported a massive 82,180 units of used cars from the USA in just a year 2018 alone as against the 2017 figure of just 48,899 units.

See the report in the tables below!


Part 1: A report recording all US Used passenger vehicles exports to the world ($US) from 2014 to 2018

Part 2: A report recording all US Used passenger vehicles exports to the world ($US) from 2014 to 2018

The provided data further showed that between the year 2014 and the year 2018 alone, a total of ₦68 Trillion ($189 billion) worth of used cars were imported. Although, it is worth mentioning that a record of ₦228 billion ($633 million) worth used cars were imported by Nigeria for 2014 which obviously dropped to ₦98 billion ($272.2 million) in the year 2015. This data makes Nigeria third on the list of highest Used vehicles importers from the USA.


Nigeria ranked second in the importation of used vehicles from the US

In a similar vein, data presented by the NPA (Nigerian Ports Authority) revealed that between 2017 and the year 2018, over 229,690 vehicles were recorded to be imported the Nigerian seaports.

As a matter of fact, over 180,753 vehicles were recorded to have been imported in the year 2017 alone. According to the shipping statistics studied, Tincan Port was the one that took the lead with 12,400 vehicles imported through it from the Mediterranean Sea region during that period. The records also have it that the PTML (Port and Terminal and Multi-Service) and Grimaldi Group – Italian shipping line transported these vehicles.

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