NBS says 1,538 Nigerians die in road accidents in 3 months


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The major culprit in road crashes is speed violation. This is according to statistics made available by the National Bureau of Statistics for Q4 of 2018.

Naijauto believes that two concepts are very important for road users if they are to arrive at their destinations safely. These concepts are “careful driving” and “defensive driving.” These two concepts have become very necessary in securing the lives of road users in the country as the spate of road crashes in the country have increased.

Top causes of road accidents in Nigeria revealed by NBS

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data that was made available for the road transport data in view of Q4 of 2018, it shows that 2,532 road crashes occurred within those three months.

What's more, the statistics further clarified the state of things stating speed violation as the leading causative factor in those road crashes. Speed violation garnered 52% of the total road crashes that was recorded within the period under consideration. This will mean that about 1316 off the 2532 road crashes were due to speed violation of some road users.


Speed violation account for the majority of road crashes in Nigeria in Q4 2018! 

The statistic tables for road transportation of the NBS further shows that coming at a distant second and third are dangerous driving and wrongful overtaking. The two causative agents accounted for 9% and 8% of the total road crashes recorded respectively. After doing the math, dangerous driving accounted for about 227 road crashes while wrongful overtaking accounted for 202 road crashes of the total 2,532  of road crashes occurring in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Detailed statistics of accident victims in Nigeria

As a direct consequence of the recorded road crashes, a total number of 8,406 Nigerians got injured. 93% of this total figure of injured people adults, while 7% were children. This brings the total figure of injured adults to stand at 7,815 while that of the children stands at 591. The gender demography according to the NBS’ statistics also shows that 6,194 male Nigerians were injured while 2,212 females were also injured in the road crashes. This brings the percentage of males injured to 74% while that of the female is 26%.

In the same vein, the total number of deaths recorded due to road crashes is 1,538 of which 1,422 are adults. This represents 93% of the total number of people killed while the remaining 8% are children with a total number of 116 Nigerian children. 79% of the deaths occurring in road crashes in Q4 of 2018 were males while 21% were females. This in figures is 1,209 males and 329 Nigerian females respectively.


Roughly four-fifths of accident victims in Nigeria are male

For vehicle population, Nigerian Bureau of Statistics estimates Nigeria’s vehicle to population ratio to be 0.06 accounting for a total vehicle population of 11,826,033 as against an estimated population of 198,000,000 Nigerians at the end of Q4 2018. Also, 60.18% (2,407) of vehicles involved in road crashes were commercial vehicles while 38.3% (1,532) and 1.5% (60) represents private and government vehicles respectively. However, 1 vehicle belonging to a diplomat was also involved in a road crash within the Q4 period.

For the newly admitted drivers, renewal, as well as reissue cases, Q4 of 2018 saw 185,883 driver's license issued with Lagos and Abuja accounting for most of it. Zamfara and Kebbi States saw the least of driver's license issuance in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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